Volunteer Spotlight



T1D picked another wrong family to mess with when it visited Megan Logan. Megan was diagnosed when she was 8 years old and has been living her life incredibly well with T1D ever since. She is now a college student at Trinity College and an avid softball player. Megan’s got people! Megan’s Marchers, led by chief fundraiser and uber-Mom, Nancy Logan. From the time Megan was diagnosed Nancy has been tirelessly fundraising to fund research to find a cure for T1D. JDRF Walk day in Western Massachusetts is like a Logan family reunion with much of Megan’s extended family (which is the size of a small village) showing up. But Megan’s Marchers don’t just march . . . they do whatever it takes to stomp out T1D. 4 years ago Nancy and sister Katie joined the Ride to Cure and have been conquering the courses in Vermont and Wisconsin ever since. This year sister Sarah and Cousin Brendan joined the action by running the Hartford Half Marathon.

The key to the Logan’s fundraising success is that they are at it all year long. Their “ask” is not an annual or seasonal event. Nancy says this about asking for donations : “if you know me well enough to give me a hug and kiss hello, then you know me well enough for me to ask you for a donation”. She asks everyone! Her formal request goes out the old fashioned way, she sends a personal letter, in an envelope, with a stamp and then she collects piles and piles of checks! She also holds a Silpada jewelry party each year where proceeds go towards her Ride team. But she doesn’t stop there, Nancy always has her eyes open for where she can pick up additional donations for JDRF. She recently noticed that folks in her office were making frequent trips across the street for snacks and drinks. So Nancy went to her local warehouse store and bought up a couple of cases of chips and drinks, put them in her office for sale with a sign that said “Donations for JDRF”.

Nancy has also been committed to growing the Ride to Cure program by recruiting new riders. Last year she brought in two of her buddies for the Hincapie Gran Fondo. We hope they will return this year along with other new recruits from Megan’s Marchers.

Look for Nancy and Katie on the road in Burlington Vermont this year as they continue their mission to crush T1D for Megan and all those living with it.