Own Your Holiday Health!


The holidays are a time of fun, family and friends, which comes along with parties, cocktail hours, meeting up
for “a” drink that turns into four, heavier foods than normal, more sugary foods, well, just…more food. This is
wearing on the body and mind. Some of us just throw caution to the wind saying, hey it’s the holidays, I’ll get
back to routine in January, and that’s cool. But if you’re interested in trying something keep on reading!

Own Your Health This Holiday Season!

This program will help you…
• Focus on what matters during the holidays and not your waistline
• Maintain your health and the work you put into it all year long
• Understand the why behind what your body is telling you and what you can do about it
• Frame your holiday mindset, ditch the guilt, and own your choices
• Start the new year focused on life instead of “getting healthy”
3 Phase Program Nov 9 to Nov 23 for $69.
You’ll receive a daily email with a new topic each day along with tips and suggestions on how to incorporate
into your daily life. During December, you’ll also receive reminder emails to motivate and encourage you.

Phase 1: Focus –
Get clear on what your personal goal is for the holidays and how to put healthy habits into practice.

Phase 2: Fuel –
How, why, and what to feed your body during the holidays to feel your best and avoid the holiday pitfalls.

Phase 3: Frame –
Framing the holiday mindset. We’ll cover enjoying what you love, owning your choices, ditching the guilt,
navigating holiday parties, and yes, even how to deal with food pushers.

In the Holiday spirit, for each person who joins, I am donating $5 to the Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation. My niece and nephew, Annabelle and Jack, were both diagnosed with Type 1
diabetes, at ages 4 and 8, respectively. They are both little rock stars who handle this disease, which takes
around the clock management, with courage and optimism – an incredibly inspiring example of owning your