TypeOneNation North Texas Summit Afternoon Breakout Sessions

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The registration site for TypeOneNation will close on Friday, Feb 14 at noon. We still want you to attend and just register when you arrive. The cost will increase by $5 per ticket on the day of the event, so register now for the best price!



Social Media T1D Influencers – moderated by Rob Howe

Join a panel of T1D social influencers (Rob Howe of Diabetics Doing Things; Andrew Slyfox of The Slyfox Family YouTube Channel; Dave Holmes, Editor of Esquire and TV personality; Christel Oerum of DiabetesStrong.com; and Amshi Humphrey of LivingDiabetter) as they talk about what it’s like to connect with people with Diabetes from all over the world. This panel will also be recorded live on Rob Howe’s podcast, Diabetics Doing Things. Panel will be open for Q&A.

Be Bold with Insulin

Scott is the host of the Juicebox Podcast, and his daughter Arden was diagnosed with T1D in 2006 at the age of 2. Using tools that he developed, Arden has been between 5.2 and 6.2 HBA1C for over 5 years with no diet restrictions. Join Scott and find out how to be bold with insulin.

Conversations about Severe Low Blood Sugar and New Treatment Options

Join us for a conversation with a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist as he discusses new glucagon treatment options, including efficacy, usability, safety. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions about the information presented. The speaker is presenting on behalf of Xeris Pharmaceuticals.  

Advances in Care and Research

Join this session for a broad overview of advances in T1D management including current state of beta cell science, glucagon options, drugs to postpone onset of T1D, devices, updates about different insulin options, and much more!

Ask the Adult Endo Panel – moderated by Dr. Shea

Gather with your peers in the adult T1D community and learn from top experts in the field. This panel of local Endocrinologists will discuss your top T1D questions as you navigate both the challenges – and triumphs – of living and thriving with T1D as an adult. Panelists include Dr. Heidi Shea, Dr. Mary Beth Cox, Dr. Muhammed Siddiqui, Dr. Amy Burton, and Amy Wentworth-Kotara, PA.

Ask the Pediatric Endo Panel – moderated by Dr. Adhikari

As a parent of a child/youth living with T1D, there are many questions that can arise when it comes to helping manage the care of your child. This panel of local Pediatric Endocrinologists will facilitate conversation that will include topics ranging from emotional care, practical advice, and the everyday nuances of T1D. Panelists include Dr. Amy Burton, Dr. Amy Burton, Dr. Susan Hsieh, Dr. Huay-Lin Lo.

PEAK (Performance Excellence and Knowledge)

JDRF PEAK program will share information about exercising safely with T1D. This program is a collaboration of JDRF with researchers around the world meant to address a missing piece in type 1 care and education.

Your Voice Matters: Help Reform T1D Policy

JDRF Advocacy builds and sustains critical support for T1D research by raising awareness of the financial, medical and emotional costs of the disease to our Members of Congress.  Join this session to discover the impactful world of JDRF Advocacy and the ways your voice can be used and heard!

Emotional Stress for Adults with T1D

T1D is unpredictable. Many adults can feel trapped in the chaos and uncertainty.  But there is a path to a calmer and more prepared diabetes life.  This presentation will discuss factors contributing to feelings of chaos and struggle and identify skills that can provide a pathway to better balance and more resilience – a superior way to manage these psychosocial struggles.

Nutrition, T1D & Me

This session will discuss healthy eating while living with T1D, hot food topics, and matching foods to insulin therapy. This is intended for those newer to T1D or for those who want a nutrition refresher.  Come ready to learn and ask questions!

Exercise and T1D Panel – Moderated by Eric Dutcher

Maintaining a health lifestyle while living with T1D is crucial, though it can prove itself tricky.  Our panelists – who have a wide scope of exercise activity – will discuss barriers that many face when exercising with T1D and will provide their tips and tricks for balance.  Panelists include Rachel Southard, Kyle Cochran, Jared Harrison, Sarah Langs.

Emotional Burnout for Children with T1D

This session will explore the psychosocial challenges of living with T1D for children, adolescents, and their loved ones. Caregivers will learn to identify symptoms of diabetes distress and depression, as well as learn ways in which diabetes distress and mental health issues can affect diabetes management. Coping strategies will also be discussed to help equip caregivers with necessary tools to be successful during this journey.

Technology and T1D

This session will dive into the current technological T1D advancements as well as the much-anticipated longer-term roadmap for developments related to T1D management.  There is much to be discussed in this session as technology to make life with T1D safer, easier and healthier is right at our fingertips.

Mature Adults with T1D

Through this session, adults who have conquered living with T1D for several decades, will have the opportunity to gather together and hear specific scientific, regulatory and every-day management updates that are unique to them.


What should I bring to the event?

Bring all your diabetes supplies, and comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. Attire is casual.

Will tickets be sent to me/do I need to print? 

No, you will check in at registration by your last name.

What about parking and location?

Parking is FREE AND EASY this year!  There are two dedicated garages for the Irving Convention Center.  Please follow all signs and allow enough time for parking.

Does the cost increase at the door?

Please note: registration fees will increase if purchased on event day.  Please purchase your tickets before 02/14/2020 to avoid a higher fee.

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As you can see, there is a ton of great content to choose from, and an afternoon of fun for the kids living with T1D as well! Hope to see you there! https://TypeOneNationNTX2020.eventbrite.com