Local T1D research happening here in Arizona!


The JDRF Arizona Chapter was pleased to have Dr. Kowalski, JDRF president and CEO, in the Valley on September 26th! Having him speak about the importance of type 1 diabetes research, with a focus on the LOCAL research being done by Dr. Klearchos Papas and Dr. Robert Johnson, was genuinely impactful. Keep an eye out for more on his visit to Arizona, as well as more information about research happening here in the state.

Dr. Aaron Kowalski, Dr. Klearchos Papas, and Dr. Robert Johnson

Local Research on a Global Scale: Klearchos Papas, Ph.D., and Robert C. Johnson, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona in Tucson, are developing groundbreaking cell therapies to cure T1D through two projects: “High Cell Density, Oxygen Enabled, Beta Cell Encapsulation” and “Accelerated Insulin Absorption Through Miniature Implantable Devices.” Representing the most advanced progress toward curing T1D, these projects are building on insights gained from JDRF research on cell therapies, such as encapsulation.

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