JDRF TypeOneNation Summit – Arizona

March 4, 2023, Phoenix, AZ
8:00 am - 1:00 pm (Mountain Time)

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  • Join this interactive session to learn about JDRF’s mission to improve lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. This session will focus on type 1 diabetes risk screening and its importance to preventing, delaying, and ultimately curing T1D. Get ready to participate and possibly win some fabulous prizes!

  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes in Adulthood
    Dr. Amir Harari, Dr. Bithika Thompson, and Jenna Stern

    This interactive session will offer both a professional and personal perspective on managing type 1 diabetes. Please join Drs. Thompson and Harari, both adult endocrinologists in the valley, and Jenna Stern, RD, CDCES for an in-depth question and answer session. This group of experts will answer questions related to T1D management, technology, and living successfully with T1D.

    Managing Glucose Levels and Performance During Physical Activity
    Rachel Calendo, Anthony Gobe, and Julie Lammers

    Managing hypo and hyperglycemia while being active can be frustrating, confusing, scary, and difficult. Physical activity should be enjoyed with less fear and more confidence. In this break-out session you’ll learn the basics of how to properly fuel the body for activity while maintaining glucose levels using MDI and pump therapies.

    Working as a Team – Being Team Kiddo in Managing Diabetes
    Dr. Synthia Puffenberger

    This session will focus on working as a team within the family and with your medical providers in managing diabetes throughout childhood, focusing on developmentally appropriate expectations and opportunities to include children and teens in their care.

    Comunidad y apoyo entre pares
    Mariana Gomez, Lety Carvajal, and Paloma Guerrero

    Esta será una mesa redonda de 45 minutos de duración. En ella, los ponentes hablarán de las ventajas del
    apoyo entre pares y ofrecerán consejos para que las familias encuentren miembros de la comunidad que
    puedan servirles de inspiración, así como consejos para participar en redes sociales. Los ponentes ayudarán
    a las familias a identificar formas para encontrar recursos fiables en Internet.

  • Emerging Technologies in Type 1 Diabetes
    Dr. Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill

    Join this session to learn the latest about new and emerging technologies in type 1 diabetes. We will explore newly approved devices and other technology in the JDRF pipeline you’ll discover how diabetes technology can both improve medical outcomes and quality of life. No matter how long you or your loved one has lived with T1D, there is something here for everyone.

    Meditation & T1D: Bringing Wisdom to Life with Diabetes
    Peter Friedfeld and Brianna Schiavoni

    In this session, facilitators from the DiabetesSangha will guide an introductory meditation practice, discuss strategies for bringing meditation into everyday life, and share some of their own journeys bringing a meditative mind to diabetes care.

    Pediatric “Ask the Experts” Panel
    Dr. Beth Gottesman, Dr. Joel Hahnke, and Kellie Kaesche
    In this open forum our panel will address participant questions related to pediatric diabetes care

    Detección de DT1 (T1Detect)
    Mariana Gomez, Martha Cuevas, and Sandra Chmelnik
    En esta sesión, los participantes compartirán su experiencia personal con T1Detect y sus razones para participar en este programa. Los profesionales de la salud en esta sesión compartirán los beneficios de participar en esta iniciativa.

  • One Walk Kickoff

    Whether you’ve started fundraising, built your team, or are just getting started, we’re here to help you make the most out of your One Walk experience. Learn more about how this program powers research, enables advocacy, and funds support for the 1.45 million Americans living with T1D.


    Diabetes on the Road
    Paloma (Glitter Glucose) Guerrero

    Traveling across the 50 states by myself…well, joined by diabetes

    Soaring to New Altitudes, Don’t Let Type 1 Ground You!
    Pietro Marsala
    Hear how Pietro fought for his right to fly and how it impacted those living with type 1 diabetes who dream to fly professionally.


Desert Willow Conference Center

4340 East Cotton Center Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Event Details

Join JDRF Desert West for a free in-person TypeOneNation Summit that brings the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community together. Learn about research advancements, participate in discussions with experts, and meet others living with diabetes.

Educational sessions will be focused on T1D care and management and will be geared toward different audiences. The sessions are led by national and local experts to help you and your loved ones better manage life with T1D. You will also have the opportunity to visit with our industry partners in the Vendor Exhibition area, featuring the latest technology and treatment options.

Acompaña a JDRF Desert West para un Encuentro en Español en persona que reunirá a la comunidad de diabetes tipo 1 (DT1). Acompáñanos para aprender sobre el apoyo entre pares de la comunidad de diabetes y sobre las pruebas de detección de Diabetes Tipo 1 (T1Detect). Participa en estos debates con expertos y conoce a otras personas que viven con diabetes.

Event Contact

Wendi Willock, Senior Community Engagement Manager
602-224-1829 | wwillock@jdrf.org

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