JDRF One Walk V1P FAQs

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JDRF One Walk V1P FAQs


Q: What is a JDRF One Walk V1P you ask?

A:  A V1P is a very important fundraiser in the fight to end Type One Diabetes (T1D).


  1. How do you become a V1P?

A: To become a V1P you must raise $1000 or more as an individual JDRF One Walk Participant.  You can be a walker who is actually coming to the walk, or you can be a virtual walker, but either way, you will be a fundraising superstar in the fight to end T1D.


Q: What do I get if I become a V1P for the 2019 JDRF One Walk?

A: First of all, you’ll get the admiration of your friends, family, and colleagues, but beyond that, you’ll get:

  • A walk day lanyard that recognizes your accomplishment at the walk, and is your entrance pass to the V1P tent
  • Premium parking at the walk
  • Expedited check in
  • A hot breakfast served in the super exclusive V1P tent
  • A swag bag filled with surprises including a designer pair of sunglasses
  • NEW FOR 2019! – A meet and greet with V1P chairs Lauri and Rusty Greer (Texas Ranger Hall of Famer) for you and one guest
  • A post walk crystal award to display for all to see!


Q: Do you have any tips to help me achieve V1P status?

A: Check out our 10 Ways in 10 Days to Raise $1000 challenge.  Click here to see the challenge.

And click here to see more fundraising tips and tools!


Q: I still need more suggestions.  Where can I find additional help?

A: Call us or email us!  We are always here to help.  Reach out to Beth or Courtney at 817.332.2601 or email bknott@jdrf.org.