Get Your Community Involved With The JDRF One Walk!


August means back to school, extracurricular activities and the return of Walk season at JDRF! Now is a great time to engage your local community and form a team for this year’s JDRF One Walk. Think about where you and your kids spend the majority of your time in the fall. Is it with sports, service clubs, school or your religious community? Community groups create a strong, supportive network for your family. Now encourage them to take the next step and join your JDRF One Walk team or form a new one!

We have several JDRF One Walk school teams that have already taken that step including Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, OLA and Woodward Academy. Would you like to add your school or community group to that list? It only takes one person to lead the charge and keep everyone inspired and motivated.

Each year, the JDRF One Walk brings together more than 10,000 participants to change the future for people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). JDRF One Walk event creates a fun, family–friendly environment and gives people with T1D—and their network —the opportunity to raise money for life-changing T1D research. They walk to help JDRF ease the incredible burden of this disease for the millions affected, until we create a world without T1D.

Take the next step and register for a JDRF One Walk today!