Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!

The season is filled with heart-stopping horror movies and haunted houses, creative costumes, and treats galore. Even for those of us who are too old to go trick-or-treating, it’s hard to avoid Halloween candy. But, don’t fear – with time and a little pre-planning, type 1 diabetes won’t take away the fun from Halloween!

JDRF has put together a few helpful resources to help navigate this tricky holiday. The links below offers a printable one sheet resource for carb counts of common Halloween candies, as well as a reference on alcohol consumption to help make your celebrations a little easier and safer.

Your JDRF Outreach Volunteer has been where you are and is an additional source of valuable information. Please call, text, or email me or your Outreach Volunteer with concerns and questions you may have.

Happy haunting!



Shannon Duke

JDRF’s Halloween Candy Carb Counts