Why volunteering makes the perfect New Year’s resolution

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Is your New Year’s resolution to do more good in 2019? Join the movement fighting to end type 1 diabetes (T1D) once and for all! Consider becoming a part of the phenomenal team of volunteers here at the JDRF Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter. As one of the most impactful volunteer-driven organizations in the world, JDRF depends on volunteer passion to drive our mission—and talent to keep us going.

Volunteering makes the perfect New Years resolution because you will:

  • Change the future for people with T1D,
  • Build valuable skills and experience,
  • Grow your professional network,
  • Have a unique part in achieving our mission, and
  • Make new friends who share your interests!

How can you help?

When it comes to volunteering, the options really are endless. Check out the list below for some ideas on how you can get involved with our chapter! Think about your personal goals, interests and strengths—and don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique ways to contribute.

Donate your leadership

Whether you donate your time and skills to auction procurement, sponsorship, logistics or planning, you’ll partner with JDRF employees to facilitate events that raise millions for T1D research.

Work an event

Whether you register guests at a gala, pass out t-shirts at JDRF One Walk or set up a silent auction, you’ll meet great people and play a part in our mission.

Volunteer at the chapter office

From office support to event planning, your talents can make a huge difference at our office.

Hear from volunteers in our community

“Even after participating in One Walk, I still felt that I needed to do more. I needed to be able to help others who would be diagnosed—day after day. I wanted to empower others to have the confidence and strength to tackle this disease on a daily basis. These are the reasons why I have become a T1D Connections volunteer for the JDRF Eastern Pennsylvania office.

Being a volunteer enables me to provide understanding and support to other newly diagnosed families. I am proud to be part of the T1D Connections volunteer group. These volunteers are extremely supportive of one another, and they help to answer questions that may arise, allowing us all to be a better support system for our newly diagnosed families.”

—Cheryl Murray, Eastern PA Outreach Volunteer


“Supporting JDRF has always been important to my family. Diabetes has affected many members of my family, including myself, my twin sister and one of my nephews. Over the years, new treatments have surfaced and hope continues with the new treatment modalities—but not fast enough.

I am so very happy and honored to chair the 2019 JDRF One Promise Gala. This group of volunteers dedicates endless hours every year to raise money for diabetes research. As I think about what this means to me, I focus more on children who have been diagnosed and the future children who will be diagnosed. As someone living with T1D, I know how difficult it can be…

…Consider bringing your talents to JDRF and help me and other JDRF friends to create an amazing, memorable, and successful fundraising gala. We are looking for help with creating an inspiring Fund a Cure event (donations directly to the cause), an exciting auction, and a visibly sponsored and supported evening.”

—Lynn Testaiuti, 2019 One Promise Gala Chair

 “Students volunteer on Walk Day each year interact with families and peers that they see within their community. The support to those individuals is the highlight for that student participating. It sends a message that we care and would like to find a cure for T1D—something that in today’s technological world is possible…

…Each student feels that his or her time is valued as they work hard on their Walk Day assignments. They like cheering, working with the children at the Activity Tent, and speaking to individuals, as well as the overall “feel” of the event. It makes them feel good to know they are doing something positive in the way of changing the lives of those affected with T1D.

—Keith Valley National Junior Honor Society of Hatboro-Horsham School District, JDRF One Walk Event Day volunteers


Our history of volunteerism runs deep

JDRF was started by volunteers committed to creating a world without T1D for their children—and everyone else affected by the disease. Without their vision, it would have been impossible to grow into the organization we are today—or to devote so much time and money to funding T1D research. We celebrate the power of everyone to make a profound impact with their time and talents. That’s why we ensure our volunteers are best placed, trained, recognized and supported at every level. As a JDRF volunteer, you’ll join a tight-knit—but far-reaching—community that truly cares about finding a cure for everyone affected by this devastating disease. Your service will directly impact our ability to fund T1D research.

Contact the chapter 

To throw your hat into the JDRF volunteer ring, please submit your information here, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Questions? Please contact our office at philadelphia@jdrf.org or 610-664-9255.