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With T1D, Halloween “treats” ARE the “trick,” right? Some candy is helpful for treating lows of course! But ALL of that candy at once? And all of the candy you won’t use for lows at all? Here’s your solution that has been helping many T1D families: Switch Witch—the kids book and doll. Now you can get rid of all the unwanted candy in a way that really is EASY for parents and FUN for kids.

Bonus!! Switch Witch author is a T1D mom, so for the Halloween Season this year you can use the Amazon code 1619JDRF, and you will “save a few, give a few”!  So you get $3 off your cost and an additional $3 will be donated back to JDRF! (And remember, if you order through Amazon Smile and choose JDRF as your charity, another 0.5% of any purchase total will be donated to JDRF as well!) Win – win!

To take advantage of this special promotion, get your Switch Witch now through November 2 here: