JDRF TypeOneNation Summit Boston 2023

March 25, 2023, Boston, MA
8:30 am


The deadline to register for JDRF's Greater New England TypeOneNation Summit Boston has passed and we are no longer accepting online registrations at this time. Please contact the JDRF Greater New England Chapter with any concerns by emailing greaternewengland@jdrf.org or by calling Phyllis Kaplan at 617-631-3802.





    Bonus Meditation Session by DiabetesSangha





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Sheraton Boston Hotel

The Sheraton Boston Hotel is located at 39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA 02199 and is accessible via public transportation. 

As the TypeOneNation Summit Boston is a free event for the T1D community, JDRF is not able to provide a discount on parking for our attendees. 

Parking Options:  

  • On-site valet parking is available at the hotel; call 617-236-6172 for more information. 
  • Rates Subject to Change; Late Fee applies after 4 p.m. on day of checkout 
  • 0 – 1 Hour $25 
  • 1 – 2 Hours $36 
  • 2 – 8 Hours $52 
  • Over 8 Hours $65 
  • Prudential Center Garage: The most convenient option is to enter the garage at the Dalton Street entrance. To learn more and view parking rates, visit www.prudentialcenter.com/visit/parking. 

For directions to the hotel, please visit https://bit.ly/SheratonBostonDirections 

39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199

More Info

JDRF TypeOneNation Summit Boston

We are looking forward to an inspirational and informative event, offering networking opportunities, educational sessions, and a vendor fair. Dress is casual and we encourage attendees to wear their JDRF gear, including Walk t-shirts and Ride jerseys!

More information on the agenda, speaker bios, and educational sessions. Below please find more details for the day.


  • Check In opens at 8:30 a.m. All attendees are required to check in on the second floor in the Grand Ballroom Foyer.
  • To expedite the Check In process, please have one member of your party check in on behalf of your group.
  • After checking in, you will receive a name tag, which identifies the educational session(s) you/your family have selected, as well as the location of these sessions.
  • Coat racks will be available in the Liberty Ballroom. Please note that this room will not be locked, so we ask that you not leave valuables in the room. JDRF and the Sheraton are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • All children and teens must be accompanied by an adult at the event; and parent(s)/caregiver(s) are responsible for their child’s diabetes management during the event. Youth Programming will be offered at the same time as the educational sessions during the summit.  


  • A light breakfast and boxed lunch will be provided and will include gluten-friendly and vegetarian options. Please note that the hotel will display estimated carb counts for breakfast and lunch.   
  • We have made every attempt to meet special diet and food allergy needs but cannot guarantee food service for all requests.
    • For other food options, MARKET, which offers fresh grab-and-go items, and SideBar & Grille, the hotel’s casual restaurant and bar, are located on the first floor.

We are excited to return to an in-person summit and look forward to seeing you at the event on Saturday! Should you have any questions or need more information about the day, please email the JDRF Greater New England Chapter at greaternewengland@jdrf.org or call Phyllis Kaplan at 617-631-3802.

Join us for a free one-day, in-person, educational summit event, bringing together all within the T1D community. Learn about research advances, participate in discussions with experts, and meet others living with or caring for someone with T1D. Educational sessions will be focused on T1D care and management, and will be geared for different audiences. The summit will also include a vendor fair featuring industry and community partners. Pre-registration is required for the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit Boston by Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at noon EDT. We cannot accept walk-in registrations the day of the event.

We are excited to host Youth Programming this year! 

Our Youth Programming will focus on kindergarten through 7th grade. This program will host children living with T1D and their siblings. Volunteers will lead activities and support your child(ren) as needed. Children can expect various activities, crafts, games, and much more! 

Youth Programming will be offered at the same time as the educational sessions during the summit.  

 JDRF staff and volunteers, including licensed healthcare providers, are not permitted to treat high or low blood sugar. Parents / Caregivers will be contacted if their child needs help with their T1D management during the program. 

Mission Address: Improving Lives

While JDRF remains laser focused on curing T1D, learn how we are simultaneously driving advances to improve the lives of those living with T1D today. Join us to learn about current JDRF research that will contribute to advanced diabetes technologies, reduced chronic complications, and improved quality of life.  

Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill, Ph.D., APRN, CDCES, JDRF Director, Community Screening & Clinical Trial Education, Mother of a Child with T1D 

Keynote Address: Mission: Diabetes Control

April will talk about her lifelong goal to become an astronaut and share how her professional experience and type 1 diabetes management intersect. Learn how life with diabetes can prepare you for your dream job! 

April Blackwell, NASA ADCO Flight Controller, Aerospace Engineer, Writer, and Blogger, Living with T1D since age 11

Educational Sessions

Attendees will have the choice of attending two of the following five educational sessions.

  • Beep or Buzz? Human Factors in the Cockpit vs. Diabetes DevicesHow often do you think about how diabetes data is delivered to you? What works and what could be better? Buckle your seatbelt and put your tray table up as we take off into the world of human factors! We will even design our own ideal diabetes device and compare settings with fellow diabetes captains! Intended Audience: Adults with T1D; Teens with T1D and Parents / Caregivers Also Welcome 
  • From Surviving to Thriving with T1D: Tips and Tricks for the First Few YearsThe focus of this session is to help answer common questions and concerns that arise when managing type 1 diabetes. We will discuss adapting to the new norm of diabetes, the importance of understanding diabetes fundamentals, how diabetes technology can help you succeed, and facilitating independence while developing strategies to manage your diabetes successfully! Intended Audience: Parents /  Caregivers of Newly Diagnosed or Anyone with T1D Looking for a Refresher  
  • I’m Hungry! Nourishing Kids with T1DWhy, what, when and with whom we eat becomes front and center in diabetes care. This workshop will start with the basic role of carbohydrates and goes further to unpack the myriad factors that complicate insulin dosing and glucose levels after eating. Examples of continuous glucose monitor tracings with different foods illustrate some of these challenges, with constructive ideas to address them. This session will explore how diabetes can change a family’s relationship with food, and encourages creative ways to incorporate curiosity, mindfulness, and compassion to preserve connections at mealtime. A case study will tie together these concepts as you follow one family’s journey. Intended Audience: Parents / Caregivers of Newly Diagnosed or Anyone with T1D Looking for a Refresher 
  • T1D Prevention and Cure: Why Screening MattersJoin this interactive session to learn about JDRF’s mission to improve lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. This session focuses on type 1 diabetes risk screening and its importance to prevention and cure. The session includes some fabulous prizes! 
  • Whose Diabetes is it Anyway?Diabetes affects everyone in the family, and that means we each have a role to play. Does everyone in your family know their role when it comes to diabetes? What happens when the roles shift and kids become tweens and then teens? “I wish he would just remember to bolus”…sound familiarIn this session we will dig into defining, and establishing roles, boundaries and how to maintain family sanity from diagnosis toward young adulthood. Intended Audience: Parents / Caregivers  
  • New This Year—Bonus Session: Meditation and T1D: Bringing Wisdom to Life with DiabetesJoin us after lunch (and before the second educational session) for this special session! In this session, facilitators from DiabetesSangha will guide an introductory meditation practice, discuss strategies for bringing meditation into everyday life, and share some of their own journeys bringing a meditative mind to diabetes care.

For more information on frequently asked questions please view or download this helpful document: JDRF TypeOneNation Summit Boston 2023 FAQs.

Event Contact

Greater New England Chapter
7814310700 | greaternewengland@jdrf.org

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