Meet the 2019 Children’s Congress Delegates!

JDRF 2019 Children’s Congress will take place from July 8-10, in Washington, D.C. This year, 165 children living with T1D will gather in Washington D.C. to meet with members of congress raising awareness about T1D.

JDRF Children’s Congress has been fundamental in securing government funding for T1D research and raising awareness. The delegates raise their voices as advocates, representing the millions of people living with T1D, form lifelong friendships, and are empowered to continue to use their voice to make change. Learn more about the JDRF Greater Northwest 2019 Children’s Congress Delegates!


State: Washington

Age: 13

Age at T1d diagnosis: 6

CJ isn’t afraid to enthusiastically try new things—from mountain biking to snowboarding, and becoming a go-to source for all things exotic car related—he’s up for something different. When he was diagnosed with T1D, he took this same determined attitude and decided to help make a difference. Describing himself as “naturally social,” CJ has helped raise more than $20,000 the past few years through his JDRF One Walk team, served as the JDRF One Walk 2015 Youth ambassador, as well as an ambassador for Marshall’s during their JDRF sneaker campaigns each year, along with speaking about T1D at various events. “I enjoy talking about JDRF because without them, I wouldn’t have as much hope in my life.”

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State: Washington

Age: 14

Age at T1D Diagnosis: 4

For so many kids, Christmas is a day of gifts, family and delicious food. In 2008, Juliana, however, spent Christmas in the hospital where she received her T1D diagnosis. In the 10 years since, she has seen many improvements in how she is able to manage her T1D, and she’s excited to explain the importance of T1D research to her Members of Congress while in D.C. at Children’s Congress. “Advances in technology have made my experience with T1D 1,000 times better and easier to manage, but there is still so much further to go,” explains Juliana. Aside from being a T1D champion, Juliana maintains a very busy schedule as a dancer, spending her weeknights in the studio and her weekends competing around the country.

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State: Washington

Age: 12

Age at T1D Diagnosis: 9

Natalie has enjoyed running for many years, and has refused to let T1D stop her. In fact, just two years ago, she ran a 5K with her mom and competed in a cross country meet for her school, all within a week of her T1D diagnosis. She placed second at the district finals for cross country, runs track at her school, sings in choir and in her school’s musicals, plays clarinet in the band and is an editor for her school’s newspaper. Natalie has learned that it takes strength to do the things she loves while still taking care of her health, and wants to do all she can to help ensure those with T1D can successfully manage the disease. Natalie says, “When I grow up, I want to be an endocrinologist, because I want to help people with T1D like me.”

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State: Montana

Age: 9

Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 months

While visiting family at just 11 months old, Roland’s grandparents—who were already familiar with T1D symptoms—made a striking observation that ultimately lead to Roland’s T1D diagnosis. His grandparents noticed a very sweet smell, the same smell they remembered observing when Roland’s mother was diagnosed with T1D years ago. Though diagnosed at such a young age, Roland was so adaptable to the new lifestyle including the devices that help him manage his T1D. Now, Roland lives a totally normal life playing flag football, acting in plays, swimming, going to sleepovers, boxing, baking with his mom and playing catch with his dad. “That is all we really want, to live a normal life and a long life if possible. We can’t do that without support for research, the Special Diabetes Program, affordable insulin and tools for diabetes management.”

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State: Alaska

Age: 12

Age at T1D Diagnosis: 18 months

From hiking to hunting, fishing to archery, Bruno loves being outdoors. He is very active in Boy Scouts, and is excited to attend the Frostbite Campout in the Yukon next year. Bruno also likes reading about World War II and aviation, participating in Student Government and even competing in his state geography bee. He and his family also participated in the JDRF Beat the Bridge event in Seattle with their team The Hokey Pokers. Bruno never lets T1D get in his way, which he says, is thanks to advancements in research and T1D technology. Bruno looks forward to talking about T1D research advancements in D.C., saying that he is “proof that research is important and works!”

Watch Bruno’s video for the 2019 Children’s Congress!


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