About the JDRF Youth Ambassador Program

The JDRF Youth Ambassador Program (YA) was created for children, teens and young adults living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who are interested in becoming involved with the educational, fundraising* and volunteer efforts of their local JDRF community.

Every year JDRF strives to integrate resources that make our outreach efforts stronger and more beneficial to the T1D community. Our goal is to empower our YAs by providing them with opportunities to advance our shared mission – a world without T1D. Opportunities range from participating in JDRF events, representing JDRF in the community, and activities where you will be surrounded by individuals with similar philanthropic principles and the desire to one day cure T1D and its complications.

Applicant Requirements

Individuals who wish to become a Youth Ambassador must meet the following requirements:

  • Have type 1 diabetes
  • Have a positive outlook on life and diabetes
  • Be between the ages of 2 and 22 years of age
  • If under 18, parents of the YA must give permission for their child to become an Ambassador and must be willing to support their child in this program and provide transportation to and from events and activities.

What does a Youth Ambassador Do?

  • Represents JDRF in a volunteer capacity at at least two of the below events:


    • Corporate meetings (i.e. Sponsor recruitment)
    • Advocacy Programs (i.e. Promise to Remember Me meetings)
    • School awareness and health fair programs (i.e. School Nurse educational meetings)
    • Community Engagement Events (i.e. TypeOneNation Summit, Virtual E-Meet & Greets)
    • Corporate Event Kickoffs and Campaigns (i.e. One Walk recruitment events and retail driven campaigns)
    • National Diabetes Awareness Month Activities/Programs (i.e. Bring Diabetes to Light)


    • Signature Events (i.e. Gala, Golf, third party events)
    • Endurance (i.e. Ride, Marathon)
    • JDRF One Walk
  • Participates in creative projects benefiting JDRF’s programs and events. For example:
    • Local and National Video Messaging
    • Arts and Craft projects
    • Card/Letter Writing Campaign
  • Participates in JDRF fundraising efforts:
    • *Each Youth Ambassador is required to participate in at least one fundraising activity each year.

                   For example:

      • Create your own Family Walk Team or join a Walk team
      • Recruit your school for the School Program
      • Procure an auction item or package for any JDRF event, valued at $200 or more
      • Host a fundraiser in your local community

If you are interested in becoming a JDRF Youth Ambassador, please complete the JDRF Greater NYC Youth Ambassador Program Application.

Please email completed application to Betsy Paffmann, Sr. Outreach Manager at bpaffmann@jdrf.org.