2020 JDRF My Ride

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Ask yourself these 5 questions…

Are you looking to be a part of a fun and passionate T1D community?

Are you looking for ways to spend less time at home and more time making memories outside with your family?

Have you recently bought a bike or peloton and found joy in the sport or do you need motivation to hop on it?

Are you in search of getting out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself?

Have you been intrigued by the Ride program but intimidated by the travel or fundraising minimums?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, read on to learn more about JDRF My Ride.

JDRF My Ride is for all riders — beginner or experienced — who share the commitment to ride and raise funds for a world without T1D.

JDRF My Ride:

  • Requires no registration fee or minimum fundraising requirement just incentives based on how much you raise.
  • You determine the location, distance, route you want to take and whether you are riding solo or with family.
  • Allows you to gain access to our fitness challenges which will keep you motivated to reach your goals.
  • Track your mileage and compete with your teammates using the Strava app.
  • And best of all, we will all come together (virtually) on October 2-3 to ride and to celebrate our collective accomplishments.

No matter where you live, how you choose to ride or how far you go, you’ll be surrounded by the T1D community cheering you on at every milestone.

Steps you can take to Get Involved:

  1. Register to join our Ride Team, and start your own fundraising page.
  2. Set a goal – for fundraising and mileage. The distance is up to you – you can choose to ride 5 miles, 20 miles, 62.13 (metric century) or any other mileage! And, depending on how much you raise you can receive different perks!
  3. Meet your fellow chapter riders on our Chapter Ride Team Facebook group – make sure to “join” the page to get alerts on latest Ride news!
  4. Share your ride photos and videos with us leading up to October 3
  5. Participate in the fitness challenges which will help you stay motivated and train for your big ride on Oct. 3!

We are a group of riders with varied levels of cycling abilities. To date, we have over 50 registered riders and an amazing local coach who will work with you to achieve what you want out of this season.

This is a fun, active, and passionate group who always say they get more out of being part of the Ride program than what they put in.

Don’t be nervous. Everyone had to start somewhere, and this is the most supportive group to be part of. We invite you to join us!


Do you have questions about the equipment needed to get started or how to train for a certain mileage goal?
Email our coach Mikael Hanson with your questions.

Do you have questions about our overall Ride program, fundraising, or anything else?
Email me – Sara Trimble– I’d love to chat!