T1D Champion Spotlight: Peter Hill

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While COVID-19 has slowed down many things this year, it has not slowed down our JDRF New York City/Long Island Community Board President, Peter Hill!

This year, Peter signed up to run his 13th marathon – the 2020 TCS New York City Marathon – but like many folks, was not anticipating that he would have to reimagine his entire marathon season. However, after his daughter, Sheila, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) last year, he knew that it does not matter where and when he is running, raising critical funds and awareness for JDRF is what matters most.

Peter became involved with JDRF in 2009 when he attended a Board meeting with a friend to see what JDRF was all about, and somehow left signed up to run the NYC Marathon. That was his first marathon, and now 12 marathons ago! With a wife, niece and newly diagnosed daughter with T1D, Peter has been a tireless advocate for JDRF for over ten years. When Peter became involved with JDRF, we had only had 25 spots for Team JDRF in the New York City Marathon. Ten years later, we can now offer over 100 spots on our team.

Now, Peter is running at least 20 miles a week as he gears up for his own version of the NYC Marathon! On October 24th (weather permitting of course!) he will be running the full 26.2 miles around Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore, with his wife and son cheering him on and providing pitstops on the go. And his dedication and commitment to JDRF doesn’t stop at just 26.2 miles- Peter has a goal of raising $50,000 for T1D research!

Peter relies heavily on technology to help him raise funds, reaching out to his friends, family and colleagues through both email and social media to make the critical ask. When asked if COVID has slowed down his fundraising at all, Peter quickly said no, “There is no COVID time-out.” He stated it is important to remind people to stay “focused on the cause, not on the event.” Peter will be running, either at an in-person event or on his own, until we can turn Type One into Type None.

“While Sheila and Patti, and my niece Katy have each addressed this non-stop illness with vigor and resolute toughness, it makes me highly motivated to continue the fight to improve care and to cure T1D.”  Peter’s nonstop running and determined advocacy are bringing us miles closer to a cure every year.

You can learn more about Peter’s story and his upcoming marathon HERE