January T1D Champions


Meet our January T1D Champions!

T1D Champions are invaluable members of the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community who drive research progress, advocate for government action, and provide support to enrich the lives of those impacted by this disease.

This month, we are excited to honor our 2023 Greater New York City Youth Ambassadors! The Youth Ambassador Program was created to develop youth leaders in the T1D community. This program teaches young people to share their T1D story to inspire others, raise awareness, and educate the broader community about T1D. The Youth Ambassador program is comprised of children and teens (ages 5-18) who will gain confidence in public speaking, demonstrate leadership skills, and collaborate with T1D peers while directly impacting JDRF’s mission. Those chosen to serve as Youth Ambassadors are community representatives of JDRF supporting our vision of a world without T1D. This year, we are excited to welcome 33 students who will be serving as Youth Ambassadors for our Chapter.

Over the year, we’ll be sharing more from our Youth Ambassadors. Expect to see them featured as they tell their stories to our corporate sponsors, our newly diagnosed families, and within our local communities. You’ll often see them at our events or hear from them as they do volunteer work in our community. They’ll also be driving JDRF’s mission forward by leading their own fundraising efforts.

Meet the 2023 Greater New York City Youth Ambassadors!

Maxwell Gerald Lascher

Riley Donohue

Shari Sortino

Victoria Mae Barretta

Sophie Rinzler

Katerina Miller

Hannah Cohen

Hayley Frantz

Elizabeth Hilton

Bianca Lucchetta

Jenna Bartlett

Sarah Mulligan

Ava Sabin

Sabrina Grisanti

Alexander Meckler

Julia Hipperling

Olivia (Liv) Peck

Daniel Peter Aponte Jr

Madeline Phelan

Charlie Jacoby

Zaphiria Rotos

Orli Adamski

Jesse Lebolt

Kate Franks

Charles Benjamin Arrow

Kaden Walfall

Jack Ryan Gilfedder

Kayla Shivers

Libby Merola

Neal Ahmed Matmati

Olivia Lukas

Cara Mona Pallone

Ava Rose Faruol