T1D Littles Group of Grand Rapids

Do you have a type 1 age 5 and under? Did you know we have a T1D Littles Group and they are getting together on October 14th? Please join us at the Kroc Center to connect with other parents and caregivers from our community to talk about age-approporaite resources, tools, ideas and experiences! Let us know if you can attend at westmichigan@jdrf.org.

Purpose: Establishing a Network of Support; for you, your family and your child aged 5 years or younger with Type 1 Diabetes.

Caring for a young child with T1D can come with a very different set of challenges and demands than a school-aged child, teenager, or adult living with T1D. Establishing a network of knowledgeable family, friends, and resources is something many parents and caregivers often struggle with during these early sleep-deprived years.

Please join in the discussion on ways to build a knowledgeable support network, and connect with parents and caregivers from our community to talk about age-appropriate resources, tools, ideas and experiences.