Superhero Supporter of the Month: Aiden’s Army

JDRF Greater Western Carolinas would like to highlight our Superhero Supporter for the month of February, Aiden’s Army. Aiden’s Army is a Walk Team in our Charlotte Walk at Carowinds. They have been involved with JDRF since February of 2018 and have already raised over $5,000 for this year’s One Walk!

We asked Aiden’s Army a little bit more about why they are involved and support JDRF as strongly as they do. Get to know them through our mini interview below:

What is your T1D connection?

Aiden was diagnosed after being admitted to Levine’s children’s hospital January 20, 2018. Of course, to our surprise he was diagnosed with T1D. I was not familiar with this diagnosis and didn’t understand the long term effects this will have on Aiden and our family. Anne Sutton reached out to us the day we got home from the hospital and she was wonderful. She was caring and understanding and gave me all kinds of resources to help us navigate through this new stage of our lives. If it wasn’t for her and the JDRF team we wouldn’t feel as positive as we do now that one day our son might be free from of this diagnosis.

How long have you been involved with JDRF?

We’ve been involved in JDRF since the February 2018 JDRF Sky High kick-off event for the Walk. We met parents and kids who have been dealing with this for years. It truly gave us hope that Aiden could lead a normal life with the help of research that JDRF supports. Realizing, as parents if we don’t make a stand for our children who will? When Brian got up and spoke about his daughter who was diagnosed 10 years earlier, it made an impact on us that the research has come a long way and we need to support it in anyway we can to take it further.

Why do you personally support JDRF and what inspires you about JDRF’s work?

JDRF really reaches out to the community to get people involved and inspires us to help contribute to the cure for our son and all the T1D families. Raising money for JDRF is crucial to Aiden being cured of this disease and we have the support group to help!

What message would you give to others who are thinking about supporting JDRF’s mission?

The Message we would give to others about JDRF is that it is a results based organization that is present with you on every step of this journey. The level of immediate engagement from education, daily management, nutrition and emotional support has been amazing. Most importantly, the organization’s indispensable role in being a key driver behind continued advancement in drug and device research. These efforts inspire us to be a part of JDRF’s  mission in helping other families and coming up with a cure for T1D.

A big thank you to Aiden’s Army! We are so grateful for all that you do for JDRF and for the continued support of our chapter over the past year. Thank you for your help and support to our mission of accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.

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