JDRF Hero Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges in all of our communities. The headlines were grim and seemed beyond our control. What we could control and take tremendous satisfaction in was ensuring that JDRF’s effort to curing type 1 diabetes and improve the lives of those facing the disease continued without interruption. 

As we were unable to use our events to reach as many new supporters as we usually did, we launched the JDRF Hero Campaign calling upon our most committed volunteers to help bridge the fundraising gap and continue powering our mission. We received overwhelming responses from the following individuals and families who helped us face adversity with courage, resilience and strength. 

Thank you to our heroes.


Meet Our Heroes

Honoring JDRF’s most generous donors, who gave more than ever before during the year of uncertainty in 2020. We are pleased to recognize those who made truly Hero Commitments July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.

Forever Heroes ($1,000,000+)

Kenneth Aldridge Family Foundation 

John Cammett

Matthew Chen

Henry and Rob Mallari-D’Auria

Melvin R. Goodes Family Foundation

Michelle Griffin and Tom Parker

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

Karen and Jeff Jordan

Marisue and Joseph Lacher

The Ted and Meredith Segal Foundation 

Estate of Patricia Stephenson

Tullman Family Foundation

Lisa Fishbone Wallack and Neil Wallack

Estate of Ann Waller

$500,000 – $999,999

Susan and Grant Beard

Mike Boyle

Tara and Tim Clark

Norman & Suzanne Cohn and Matthew & Lea Cohn

Suzy and Sean Doherty

Debbie and Steve Gordon

Estate of Barbara Haas

Amy Kiefer and Marius Eriksen

Debi and John Lashar

Ellen and Eason Leake

Joan and Charles Moore

Karen and Joe Niehaus

Lisa and Jack Reed Jr

Estate of Gordon Rockwell

Estate of Marguerite Rosner

The Ted and Meredith Segal Foundation

Estate of Kevin Wells-Knecht

$250,000 – $499,999

Robert Compton

Pam and Frank Edmonds

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Estate of Jeanne Faas

Cynthia and Edsel B. Ford II

The Gregory Fund

Estate of Barbara Hall

Marilyn and Steve Kraft and Family

Laura & John Lally

The Lichterman Family

Tammy and Ron Malone

Alfred Mann Foundation

Marilyn and John McDonough

Barbara Neal

Carol & Bret Sisney

Estate of Sarah Skoulund

The Bernard & Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Elizabeth and Fred Wiese

$100,000 – $249,999

Wendy and Jeff Adams

Adams Lead Charitable Trust

Neal Allen

Cathy and Rick Baier

Bonnie and Joel Bergstein

Lynn and Robert Bernstein

Cheryl Noel-Bessette and Andy Bessette

Kim and Tim Bradley

Amber and Clay Bretches

Mary Elizabeth and Jeffrey Bunzel

Steve Cage

Carrie and David Carlson

Carol Family Foundation, Inc.

Lea and Matthew Cohn

Sheri and Dayton Coles

The Cooper – Siegel Family Foundation

Jackie Darken

Lorraine and Tom Deeney

Estate of Deborah H. Digges

Megan and Steve Dragich

Camella and Richard Elliot

Kerrie and John Ellison

Engelstad Family Foundation

Cindy Mogul and Elliot Feldman, Esq.

Daniel Fisher

Frechette Family Foundation

Mary Gay and Don Brady

Lauren Schor Geller and Martin Geller

Estate of Helen Gillespie

Barbara and Fred Goldberg

Estate of Bian Gormley

Claudia Graham

Janice Gross and Stephen Klar

Rita Haddow 

Patty and W. Fred Hagans

Anne and Sam Hummel

Estate of Sarah Johnson

Kadens Family Foundation

Cindy and Steven Kramer


Sarah and John Lechleiter

Lakeside Industries

Dr. S. Robert Levine

The Karen and Herbert Lotman Foundation

Larry L. Luing Family Foundation

The Main Family Fund

Anne and Penn McClatchey

The Mitchell Family

Beth and Eric Mollenhauer

Estate of Felicia Moreno

Leah and Leo Mullin

Nationwide Foundation

Daryl and David Nelms

Roger Nelson

Helen and Mike Norona

Peggy and Dayton Ogden

Bonnie and Michael Patipa

Melitta S. and Joan M. Pick Charitable Trust

The Polli Family and the George Polli Foundation

Estate of Richard Alan 


Emily and Derek Rapp

Rauner Family Foundation

Missy & Steve Reller 

William Reller

Reynolds Frizzell

Kim and David Roberts

John & Diana Salter 

Estate of Joyce Sanders

Kathleen and Peter Schwalje

Slezak Family Charitable Foundation

The W. W. Smith Charitable Trust

Jennifer and Dave Sobocinski

Mary and Mark Stevens

Estate of Francis Bailey Teague

Estate of Lynne Testa

Rae Sanchini and Bruce Tobey

Molly Toole

Tracy and Chris Turner

Vivian Vance

Brian Vandenberg

Laura and Drayton Virkler

Margaret and John Whitlock

Jennifer and Duston Williams