One Walk Team Spotlight: Rakers Rockets

Rakers Rockets Header 2Welcome to the second of seven Walk Team Spotlights! We will highlight one JDRF One Walk team each week between August 17th and October 2nd.

This week’s team is “Rakers Rockets” from Libertyville, IL.

Rakers Rockets Stand 2Who are we walking for?
We walk for Kristen Rakers, who was diagnosed at age 3 (and is now 9).

Why did you pick your team’s name?
Rakers Rockets – Blasting Away Diabetes!

We wanted something catchy that would appeal to everyone as our team grew and one that people would remember.

How long have you had your team?
We’ve had our team for six years. Our first walk was 2010 – the year Kristen was diagnosed.

What is your favorite memory from your first walk?
It was so cold – and that didn’t matter – our friends and family still came out to support Kristen! Also, it was so funny, you couldn’t see Kristen’s face under all her cold weather gear in her stroller.

What are some of your Walk Day traditions? 
We put on our red Rakers Rockets t-shirts and meet for a light breakfast, which includes banana bread that Kristen, her sisters, and her friends make the day before. Then, at the Walk site, many people who normally do not see each other catch-up.

It has truly become a community and social event. Last year we had over 120 walkers!  We go early so all the kids can dance and sing with the DJ.  We also take a group picture at the starting line.

We will walk until there’s a cure!

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