Walk Team Spotlight – SWEET Isabella’s Sponsors (S.I.S.)

Welcome to the third installment of the 2017 JDRF One Walk Team Spotlights – a series dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the most important aspect of the JDRF One Walk – YOU! This week, read on to learn more about Team SWEET Isabella’s Sponsors from Warrenville.

Team Name – SWEET Isabella’s Sponsors (S.I.S.)
How long have you had your team? – 12 years
Walk Site – The first walk that “SWEET Isabella’s Sponsors” participated in was at the Lisle site. We now walk at the Warrenville site.

Who are you walking for?
“SWEET Isabella’s Sponsors” team walks for all those affected by diabetes. Although we do have one special girl at the top of the list – Isabella Lins

How did you pick your team’s name?
We were trying to be a bit creative and wanted to incorporate the word SWEET somewhere in the team name as diabetics tend to have SWEET blood due to elevated blood sugar. Isabella also has two sisters so adding “Isabella’s Sponsors” was the perfect fit to give us the abbreviation S.I.S., which shows her sisters supporting her forever.

What is the meaning behind your team tshirt?
Our team t-shirt has a little girl holding a rose. The little girl represents Isabella, as she was only 10 months old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Her middle name is “Rose”.

Do you have any Walk Day traditions?
Isabella has a core Walk team that comes every year. She also invites her soccer team to walk. The girls love to stay until the end so they can participate in all the Walk Day activities.

What is your favorite memory from your first walk?
We were able to meet Ron Santo and Ron took Isabella in his arms and took a picture with her.

Be sure to check back in soon for our next Team Spotlight. Have you registered your One Walk team yet? Visit walk.jdrf.org to register today and RSVP for the Central Illinois One Walk Kickoff on Aug. 20 or the Rally To Walk Day Kickoff at the Brookfield Zoo on Aug. 27!  The 2017 JDRF One Walk in Merrillville is on Sept. 17th and at our many Illinois sites on Oct. 1st!