Shop & Give Back in August with Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

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In 1999, Colorado brothers Paul, Rob and Bill O’Brien drew up the plans for a new barbershop concept that would stand out from the rest of the industry, provide an outstanding workplace environment for barbers and hairstylists, and deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

They made the decision to diversify into the hair care industry after researching several business opportunities in both the restaurant and hair care industries. They felt they could have the greatest opportunity for success by taking the experience they had gained from years of operating their concession business and applying it to a unique niche in the highly competitive industry of hair care.

The advantages the brothers felt they had for success were their strong operating background, dedication to customer service and their attitude toward the value of their employees to the business. In February 2001, the first Floyd’s 99 Barbershop opened in downtown Denver, introducing customers to the novel idea of getting a haircut at a reasonable price while having a good time.

A Haircut at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop Can Help Advance T1D Research

Through their annual value book campaign, Floyd’s 99 has contributed nearly $1.75 million to JDRF’s mission since 2012! Every August at over 100 stores across the country, the #FloydsFamily sells value books to benefit JDRF.

Throughout August, customers will have the opportunity to purchase a Floyd’s 99 Barbershop value book for a $5 donation to JDRF. The coupons in the value book are valid 9/1/2021 – 10/31/2021. Value books can be purchased in stores or online. In addition, many Floyd’s 99 shops will be utilizing JDRF paper sneakers to collect donations in smaller amounts. Any client who donates less than $5 will be able to fill out a JDRF sneaker for display.

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Floyd’s 99 Barbershop became a national JDRF partner  in 2012 because of Sarah O’Brien. Sarah is the daughter of one of the three founding brothers of Floyd’s 99 Barbershop and was diagnosed with T1D when she was 9 years old. Watch Sarah’s T1D story below.