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To eliminate the threat of type 1 diabetes (T1D) for future generations, the JDRF Prevention Program teams up with allies in academia, industry and government to fund groundbreaking research, and then translates this knowledge into therapies that can stop T1D from developing.

Our Approach

People are being diagnosed with T1D at a growing rate. T1D is not preventable, and there is no cure—yet. At JDRF, we have developed significant knowledge about the causes of T1D. As we increase our understanding of these causes, we will also uncover ways to prevent them from occurring. Until we have found ways to prevent T1D, we must stop or slow its progression during its earliest stages.

  • Expand T1D screening

    so people will know their risk before they develop symptoms

  • Delay the onset of T1D

    so people are insulin-free for longer

  • Develop a vaccine

    so no one needs to worry about T1D again

“I am married and have three wonderful children. It worries me that my children have a higher chance of developing type 1 diabetes than the general population. Knowing JDRF is developing treatments to delay the onset of T1D and prevent it gives me great peace of mind.”

Jeramie I.

39 years old, diagnosed at age 12

Jeramie I.

Many Paths, One Purpose

Our research into prevention technologies is just one potential pathway to finding a cure.Explore JDRF’s ambitious research portfolio. JDRF is working relentlessly to prevent, treat and cure T1D and its complications.

All Research

Looking Ahead

To date, more than $115 million has been invested by JDRF in prevention research. One day, T1D will be like polio or measles, and we will only read about it in our vaccination records.