A Note from Your Executive Director: Why I’m living in a state of gratitude

Gratitude – the state of being grateful

Hope – to expect with confidence

Gratitude and hope might not seem like the expected response in these difficult times, yet for your JDRF chapter, it is the only appropriate response to the incredible donors and volunteers who by their very lives give us hope.  Gratitude is the only way we can respond to daily examples of generosity of time, spirit and dollars.  Because of them, because of you, we don’t only hope for a cure for type one – we live in confidence that there will be a cure.

I know you have heard and seen so much about the challenges all non-profits, including JDRF, are experiencing right now.  Yes, it is hard.  Yes, we live with the uncertainty of when and how the economy will recover.  We have become experts at “pivoting” because our plans change daily based on the status of the Coronavirus outbreak. But it is in these days that I am overwhelmed by your commitment and your determination.  From conversations with corporate donors (yes Ford, I’m talking about you!) who have told me that they believe in us and will continue to support us, even as they experience economic challenges. To conversations with Youth Ambassadors who don’t just say yes to our requests – but take our ideas and make them bigger and better.  To 20 Walk Team captains who joined us for a Zoom conference call in the middle of the day, to help us think big and creatively as we all learn to fundraise virtually rather than face to face.

Our fiscal year is ending.  Let me share with you the research leaps we are going to take because of your incredible generosity.  Let me tell you how many lives you have touched through our outreach programs.  Let me share why I am living in a state of gratitude.

When our fiscal year closes at the end of June, JDRF of Kentucky & Southern Indiana will have raised more than $1.6 million dollars.  Let me re-phrase that – You have given over $1.6 million dollars!  This amount is almost $50,000 ahead of what we had budgeted to raise.  Our work is not only about raising money though, it is about providing support to every individual and every family member living with T1D.  150 Bags of Hope have been distributed this year.  Many of the families who received them also chose to connect with one of our amazing outreach volunteers through the T1D Connections program.  We had an incredible Type One Nation Summit earlier this month – all virtual!  We’ve begun “virtual coffee chats” to provide connections and information in this time of isolation.  On July 10, Dr. Kupper Wintergerst will be leading a Facebook Live presentation on how to help your child with type one be active, safe and healthy in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak. There is more, so much more than I can begin to list!

So thank you.  Two small words that cannot begin to hold the depth of gratitude I have for you.

All my very best,