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Our aim is to provide a platform for all those in the Type 1 diabetes community to engage with one another in a virtual manner. The Virtual Connections program will be an ongoing series of interactive webinars catering to different educational topics (research, virtual walks, etc.), T1D connections (parents of children with T1d, adults with T1D, etc.) and more to follow. Please continue to check-in to this website for a full calendar of upcoming JDRF Virtual Connections program offerings.

Upcoming Virtual Connections (Event Information below each session):

  • Thursday, April 15th at 6:30pm ET-  T1D Empowerment Series Trivia Night & Healthy Minds
    • Join us as we take part in a fun trivia night for all ages. We will focus first on a presentation on how to keep a healthy mind towards Type 1 diabetes and avoiding diabetes burnout before enjoy a fun trivia session. JDRF-themed prizes will be available to our top teams.
    • Registration is now open:
    • The Family Empowerment Series is made possible thanks to contributions from Lilly and Roche.
  • Saturday, April 24th- National Virtual TypeOneNation Summit
    • Registration is now OPEN. We’ll have an opportunity to hear from the leading type 1 diabetes experts from around the world in this virtual format. We’ll also have an Indiana and Kentucky chapter component to interact with local researchers and others near you.
    • Register today!
  • May- Travel with Type 1 Diabetes
    • Join us as we learn from a small panel about their experiences traveling abroad, for both short vacations or longer study-abroads and work trips, with type 1 diabetes. Tips and tricks will be shared and we will end with a Q&A session. This is a great opportunity to prepare for any upcoming travel plans.
    • Stay tuned for more information!

Past Virtual Connections topics (Available on YouTube/Facebook):

  • COVID-19 & T1D
    • Dr. Jim Malone (Board President-Elect) discusses taking care of yourself during these uncertain times and the current coronavirus resources we have on our website related to those with T1D.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • Health Fitness & T1D
    • Matt Kriech, PhD chats about how to keep physically healthy and fit with Type 1 diabetes. Exercise remains a fantastic way to blow off steam and soothe the mind and we want to encourage everyone to find a way to stay active during this time.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • T1D Behavioral Health and Psychology
    • Dr. Nicole Johnson, Senior Director of Research at JDRF gives us some tips and tricks to help mitigate the psychosocial impact coronavirus may have on those living with and caring for family members with type 1 diabetes.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • Aaron Kowalski, PhD, President & CEO of JDRF
  • T1D Advocacy
    • Leah Dunigan, JDRF-Indiana State’s advocacy lead volunteer, reviews all the ways we can advocate for those with type 1 diabetes. From local legislation to national funding for the Special Diabetes Program, everyone can contribute to moving important research forward.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • Virtual Walk 101
    • The need to engage as a community and further our mission of to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications remains just as important as ever. Learn about the upcoming Virtual Walk Day (May 16) and learn from JDRF Indiana State Walk Staff and National One Walk Manager Megan Gavin about tips and tricks to fundraise for your Team during this difficult time.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • T1D Research with Jonathan Rosen, PhD and Matthew Webber, PhD
    • Hear from an Indiana research, Matthew Webber, PhD, as he and his team at the University of Notre Dame have recently received a JDRF grant to further their research to engineer a safe and effective injectable glucose-responsive hydrogel that could limit the long-term effects of insulin dependence and be administered in a single daily dose. We also hear from Jonathan Rosen, PhD, from the JDRF National Research team as he speaks about the research priorities for JDRF.
    • Read more about Matthew Webber’s research here.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the presentation.
  • Family Empowerment Series: Virtual Art Event
    • Get artsy with JDRF! On this livestream we learn about a process based art project using a variety of common materials in different ways. Thank you to Sarah Mattingly and The Creative Corner for supporting this event.
    • Please enjoy the recording of the demonstration here and make sure to tag The Creative Corner and JDRF Indiana on your finished projects!
    • The Family Empowerment Series is made possible by a generous contribution from Lilly.
  • National Type One Nation Summit 
    • JDRF’s Virtual TypeOneNation Summit brought together the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community coast-to-coast for a day of education and interactive experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to view sessions on topics that matter most to you, interact with our lineup of powerful speakers, learn about the latest research advancements from T1D experts, visit with industry partners in the exhibition hall and connect with peers from across the country.
    • Register and login here to view the recorded sessions now!
  • Clinical Trials & TrialNet
    • Join us as we learn from Linda DiMeglio, MD, Jamie Felton, MD, and Maria Spall, RN about how clinical trials move forward Type 1 diabetes research. Participating in a clinical trial is a great way to contribute to curing, preventing and treating T1D and its complications.
    • Learn more about clinical trials you or your loved one may be eligible for at the following website. Learn more about TrialNet here.
    • The recording of this webinar is now available here.
    • The Virtual Connections Program is made possible thanks to a generous contribution from Roche.
  • Family Empowerment Series Virtual Cooking Demonstration
    • The holidays can be difficult to navigate with countless carb-laden dishes to navigate. This event covers three helpful holiday alternative recipes (Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie) as well as offered an opportunity to ask questions.
    • Recording is now available here.
    • The Family Empowerment Series is made possible thanks to contributions from Lilly and Roche.
  • Learn About T1Detect
    • T1Detect, JDRF’s screening education and awareness program, will arm you with the information you need before and after getting screened for type 1 diabetes (T1D) autoantibodies. Dr. Jennifer McVean, T1Detect faculty member from the University of Minnesota, will be interviewed by Dr. Stephen Gitelman, Director of Pediatric Diabetes Program at UCSF.
    • Recording is now available here.
    • Visit to learn more about the T1Detect screening service.
  • T1D & the Covid-19 Vaccines
    • Join us as we hear from Dr. Jim Malone, Dr. DuFrayne, and Dr. Villafuerte as we discuss Type 1 diabetes and the covid-19 vaccines.
    • Here is the recording of the session via Facebook Live:
    • Visit for continually updated information.
    • This and all of our virtual connections webinar series is made possible thanks to Roche.

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors:

  • Virtual Connections Program and Family Empowerment Series Sponsor: Roche

  • Family T1D Empowerment Series Sponsor: Lilly

  • Virtual Connections Sponsor: Strada Education Network



Please contact Sean FitzGerald, Senior Development Coordinator, at or 317-308-4925.

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