2020 JDRF One Walk Kickoff

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Community, hope, empowerment, impact — what is JDRF One Walk without them? Every year, hundreds of thousands come together to support those currently living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and to continue the fight to see a world without it. This year, that will still be true, it just might look a little different as we embark on one of our biggest journeys ever: to walk 1.6 million miles for the 1.6 million Americans living with T1D.

This year’s JDRF One Walk will be our first nationwide endeavor and our largest goal yet. And you know what’s exciting about that? Instead of holding walks on separate weekends across the country, we’ll walk together from wherever we are to form the biggest JDRF One Walk this community has ever seen! Starting today, we’re committing to walk 1.6 million miles by November 1, 2020. On T1Day (November 1st), we’ll count up all the miles and come together (virtually) to celebrate our stories, collective accomplishments and recognize the 1.6 million people and counting who we’re changing the future for. Will you be a part of this amazing experience?


So how will JDRF One Walk work?

You can still register your amazing team for JDRF One Walk, St. Louis. Invite your friends, families, neighbors, co-workers and more to be part of your team. The bigger your team the more steps and the closer we are to 1.6 million miles!

Your morning runs, after-dinner strolls and dog walks around the neighborhood can all be tracked through an easy-to-use fitness integration with the Strava tracking app. Whenever you’re walking, you’re moving us closer toward a world without T1D. And get ready for plenty of fun challenges, friendly fundraising competitions and a few surprises to keep you going every step of the way!

If there’s a community that can show the world that it’s stronger together, it’s this one. We will still come together to be inspired, to share miles and to create a world without T1D. Even though we may be physically separate, with all of us working so hard together nothing is impossible.

 We’re still in…are you?