That’s a Wrap on Grand Rapids Ride Weekend!

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This past weekend was the kick-off to JDRF’s Ride season in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This Ride destination attracted over 300 participants, offered gorgeous views of the Grand River, and had multiple route options for riders to participate in. Riders also had the opportunity to participate in seminars such as a Women’s Cycling Forum, Managing T1D on Your Ride, and a JDRF Research Update. After a jam packed Friday, riders geared up for the ride of the summer on Saturday morning where they gathered together to kick-off another memorable Ride.

This jam packed weekend was attended by 5 members of the Kansas and Missouri Ride team that had been fundraising and training since Ride launch in January. All 5 rock-star riders crossed the JDRF Ride finish line safe, sound and smiling and we could not be more proud of what they accomplished this past weekend. They managed to raise over $18,000 throughout their season for life-changing type one diabetes research!

Congratulations to all the JDRF riders that rode in Grand Rapids and represented the dedicated and strong type one community. A community that encourages each other, fights for change, and rides not because of the miles, but for the mission. At the JDRF start line, riders are asked to raise their hand if they know someone with T1D, have T1D, or have lost some to T1D. That is why we ride.

We want to thank the donors, families, coaches, and volunteers that supported our riders and cheered them on along the way. Without the support of those cheering them on on race day or those celebrating at home, we would not be able to accomplish all that we have.

If you want to check out more from Grand Rapids, head over to the JDRF Ride Facebook or Instagram page. You can also see our local riders featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to check back in during our next Ride weekend August 11th-14th for highlights happening in La Crosse, WI!

Having FOMO about missing Grand Rapids Ride weekend? There is still 5 more destinations you can sign-up and participate in! Visit the JDRF Ride to Cure page to read about the beautiful locations to choose from and what it means to Ride for JDRF.