TypeOneNation Summit Postponed

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Hi Friends,
While I know we were all very much looking forward to coming together for the annual Type One Nation Summit on Saturday, March 14, we are going to postpone the event to Saturday, June 13. We always want to put our people first, both volunteers and staff, and be proactive when a situation arises. With medical officials and leaders increasingly calling for everyone to help quell the spread of coronavirus, JDRF wants to ensure that we are doing all we can to protect our volunteers, staff and community. While the situation is fluid and the news continues to evolve, JDRF as an organization, is evaluating its meetings and events calendar for the next few weeks and, where possible, is encouraging postponement of these activities.
The decision to re-schedule was not made lightly and was made after consultation with the Jefferson County Department of Health & Wellness, chapter and national leadership, and upon careful review of guidelines and information from the Center for Disease Control.
Since you did have some time blocked off on Saturday for the summit, we wanted to share with you our CEO, Aaron Kowalski’s State of the Foundation speech. It is approximately 30 minutes long and I hope you are inspired to hear how far we’ve come, the opportunities ahead, and the Power of Us!
We are grateful for each of you and hope to see you at the Summit on June 13. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision.
Kathey Sanders, Executive Director