A note from Dr. Wintergerst on T1D care during COVID-19

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Please see this note from Dr. Wintergerst regarding the care of T1D patients during the time of COVID-19. We hope you find this information useful. Please pass along to anyone that could benefit from this information. 

We have integrated with Norton Healthcare and our new service line is Norton Children’s Endocrinology and the Wendy Novak Diabetes Center. Our clinical website (we also have a UofL academic one) is https://nortonchildrens.com/services/endocrinology/.

We continue to see patients daily at the Novak Center for Children’s Health and at Norton Children’s Hospital. All providers and staff wear a mask at all times to protect patients and families who require face to face visits at Novak or require Emergency Department or Hospital care. All visitors are screened prior to being let into the building to reduce risk to patients and families receiving care.

Each day, we have 8 physicians, 5 nurse practitioners, 6 diabetes educators and 4 nurses answering phone calls, participating in telephone visits, and now telemedicine visits for families with diabetes. Our diabetes educators obtain information from patients and families, including glucose meter, CGM and insulin pump downloads, to be used by our care team to insure that care is uninterrupted and patients receive what they need. We are also in contact with pharmaceutical and device companies to monitor for any concern with insulin or device supply chain issues (for which there are currently none).

Families needing any kind of assistance or advice, should call 502-588-3400 and speak with one of our diabetes educators. We also have an emergency on-call physician that is available at night through Norton Children’s Hospital. We encourage all individuals and families living with diabetes to diligently continue their diabetes management, and remain alert for symptoms of illness in themselves and their loved ones. Anyone experiencing signs of illness, including fever, respiratory symptoms, GI symptoms, etc, should contact our office immediately to obtain guidance.

Kupper A. Wintergerst, MD, FAAP
Professor, Pediatrics
Chief, Endocrinology & Diabetes
Wendy L. Novak Endowed Chair of Pediatric Diabetes Care and Clinical Research
Director, Wendy Novak Diabetes Center
University of Louisville, School of Medicine
Norton Children’s Hospital