Meet Kara, one of our newest Youth Ambassadors!

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Name: Kara Middleton

Age and Grade: 10 years old in 5th grade

Age diagnosed with T1D:  6 years old. 

Walk team name and websiteGlucoseBusters

What’s your favorite part about being involved with JDRF Kentucky & Southern Indiana?

Seeing other kids with diabetes so I can make new friends with people who understand what I am going through. I also like to help other people that don’t have diabetes learn more about it. 

Learn more about Kara here!

What hobbies are you doing right now while you’re at home?

Non-Quarantine: Volleyball, horseback riding, choir, band and talking to my friends.  I really like music and performing. 

During the Quarantine: I play a lot with my brother. We play outside when we can and like to take the dog for a walk.  I also talk to my friends on the phone or FaceTime. 

What’s something you wish more people knew about T1D?

It can be really hard to go through it sometimes. It makes it easier when people understand. But we can do everything everyone else can do. 

Another fact about Kara: my dad and my brother have T1D too.