Sidewalk Chalk Contest

Are you ready to flex your creative muscles? We’re excited to announce the JDRF Sidewalk Chalk Walk Contest to let you do just that! The winner’s art will be featured in a postcard we’ll be mailing to our Walk supporters! To enter this contest, gather up some sidewalk chalk and your “quarantine buddies” and follow these steps. We can’t wait to see your art! Submissions are due before July 1!

1. Create a JDRF-themed sidewalk chalk masterpiece in your driveway or the sidewalks of your neighborhood. Bonus points if you incorporate these elements:

-Your “Type” – Ex: I’m the STRONGER Type.

-Your Walk Team Name

-Hashtags like #strongertogether, #powerofus, and #JDRFOneWalk

2. Register for a 2020 JDRF One Walk at

3. Email Rachel McMahan at with a photo of your Sidewalk Chalk Masterpiece

It’s that easy! The winner will be chosen by a special group of volunteers and the winner will be announced and recognized in our July newsletter and social media posts, as well as in a postcard we plan to send supporters!