To help our community stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, JDRF will be reimagining events through 10/1/20 rather than hosting in person gatherings – local details to follow.

T1D Tech Talk Series

May 12 - January 2, 2021, CA
7:00 pm

Join us in May and June for our Reimagined Tech Talk Series. A number of our partners in the T1D technology and device industry were to join us in person at our spring TypeOneNation Summit, so in the spirit of reimagining, we’ve decided to bring them to our community virtually instead! Come learn about T1D devices from industry representatives who will share the latest in insulin pump technology, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pens, glucagon and MORE. The series will kick off with an overview of T1D telemedicine on Tuesday May 12th at 7pm. Please see the schedule on the right. RSVP and please indicate which talk you would like to attend. We will then send you meeting details.

Previous Tech Talks

Please click on each title of our previous Tech Talks for either a recording or link for more information.

Telemedicine: How to get the most out of these new kinds of dr appointments. Learn about managing and downloading your T1D data.

Insurance: A focus on navigating during job loss and furloughs as well as what to look for when managing T1D.

Dexcom: G6 technology and what’s new with the CGM

Tandem: Control IQ pump tech

MannKind: Afrezza and inhalable insulin

Companion Medical: InPen — an FDA approved Smart insulin pen

Omnipod: Tubeless insulin pump

Medtronic: New innovations in pump therapy, CGM’s and T1D management

Xeris: Conversations about severe low blood sugar and treatment options



Join us and learn about T1D management techniques and tips to maximize life with T1D. The hourly Zoom series calls will kick off with an overview of T1D technology on Monday May 12th at 7pm featuring Mark Harmel. Following the overview session, the series will continue with individual sessions focused on a T1D device that can help you/your loved with diabetes management. You have questions, they have answers!
Please RSVP today with your name and session you wish to join

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