Sahil Mehta is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, engineer, dancer, and DJ who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in January 1998 at age 5. 

Over the last 22 years, Sahil has seen and experienced advances in drugs, devices, and cell therapies that were made possible by JDRF-funded research. Although there have been setbacks with his health when learning how to manage on his own, he has been able to participate in sports his whole life, start his own dance company, work in cybersecurity, and is always looking for more ways to be involved with the Michigan & South-Asian networks. 

“God only gave Type 1 to those he knew could handle it.”


Sahil is making his mark on the JDRF mission by leading his fraternity in a $100,000 fundraising campaign. It’s an ambitious goal, but after raising over $50,000 every year since 2016 while working with local connections to fight for affordable insulin, Sahil knows that it is within his reach. 


Sahil is one of many resilient, inspiring individuals living with T1D.  You can make your mark on the mission with a contribution to Fund A Cure. Fund A Cure provides JDRF with the dollars needed to move game-changing therapies and technologies out of the lab and into the waiting hands of the T1D community. Rest assured that 100% of your Fund A Cure gift goes to the vital mission of JDRF and is fully tax-deductible.

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