Team Week #AroundWorldWednesday Winner Spotlight: NNK T1D Avengers


During Team Week for the Virginia One Walks, daily competitions were held including Around the World Wednesday! We challenged our teams to see where in the world they could get donations from. the team who received a donation from the furthest part of the world, won a prize!

Team NNK T1D Avengers recorded a gift from the Gold Coast of Australia! Here is their story


Tell us about your T1D connection and how you got involved with JDRF

Haynie Family: Well our T1D connection is our son Michael. Michael was diagnosed at 5 years old during an ice/snowstorm. We got involved with the JDRF almost immediately due to all the support, care and help they provided us day 1. We wanted to start giving back.


How do you two know each other?

Haynie Family:  We met Trevor at the 2015 World Police and Fire Games in Fairfax, Virginia. Both Trevor and my husband competed in the same Shotgun events. Michael was 2 at the time. Then in 2017 we ran into Trevor again for the 2017 World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles. Michael stayed home for this trip. Ever since 2015 we have kept in touch with Trevor. Trevor bought a toy firefighter made from blocks and sent it to Michael a couple years ago for Christmas and we send Christmas cards! A perfect example of the Thin Red Line Brotherhood across the world.

 Trevor: Taylor (Michael’s Dad) is part of my worldwide firefighting family. I met Taylor and Jacqueline (Michael’s Mom) in Fairfax Virginia over 6 years ago at the World Police and Fire Fighter games.

Social media and a few trips to the US in various locations allow us to keep in contact and share the rewards and trials around raising families.


Why is the One Walk important to you? What brought you to the One Walk?

Haynie Family: The One Walk is important to us because it helps bring awareness for Type 1. There are so many misconceptions about Type 1. The best part of the One Walk is the atmosphere. You are not alone in this fight. Everyone welcomes you with open arms. Support is at every corner. This is our second year doing the One Walk and even though it’s virtual, we still have the same love and support. Last year Jeff Wicker with Wickers Warriors put it best, its a community you never thought you’d be a part of and can’t live without! I truly believe that.

Trevor: A child growing up has enough challenges One Walk and programs like it that help in many ways make a child’s journey with T1D easier are clearly important. This journey is highlighted is when we have a member of our firefighting family living it.


What advice would you give to families wondering if they should get involved?

Haynie Family: My advice to any families wondering if they should get involved with the JDRF…do it! You will not regret a second of it. You have a whole community waiting for you. You are never alone, and you see firsthand what the money you help raise goes towards.

Trevor: 2020 had thrown worldwide challenges to all of us. Families supporting families is the backbone of a successful society. Being involved with peoples journey no matter where you are …. in this case the furthest away 😄 ( yeahhhh Michael winner 👏👏). Lets people know they are not alone whilst clearly well socially distanced 😷


What are you most excited for about Walk Day?

Haynie Family: We are looking forward to hopefully having breakfast delivered to us on walk day. After that we’ll put on our Type 1 t-shirts or old team shirts and walk around our small town as a family. We’ll be together, safe and surrounding Michael with love!

*Update: Team NNK T1D Avengers did in fact earn breakfast delivery on Walk Day*


Haynie Family: On behalf of the Haynie family we would like to thank the JDRF, our team at CHoR, our family and our friends for the continued love and support. To get a phone call from the JDRF just checking on Michael and see if he needs anything means the world. Without our “little village” a lot would not have been possible. Michael is now 6 about the turn 7 and is a happy healthy big brother. Ever day we pray for cure and do what we can to help find it!