Seeking Members for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

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JDRF is committed to incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) among its volunteers and staff – and we would like your help to facilitate change in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. We are looking for new members who are passionate about increasing diversity, in all its forms, throughout JDRF’s programs. 

With guidance from JDRF National’s mission to improve diversity and inclusion, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter has established a DE&I Committee, whose focus will be to ensure that DE&I is incorporated into the full range of volunteer activities across the chapter footprint. Members of the DE&I Committee will connect with our standing committees and their chairs to identify individuals from underrepresented communities and those with diverse backgrounds to provide advice, resources, time, and partnerships.  

Members of the DE&I Committee should expect to commit up to three (3) hours per month, including time spent in monthly virtual DE&I Committee meetings. Initial objectives include engaging with assigned committee leaders/volunteers to discover more about the current status of DE&I; to provide input received from JDRF National on measurable objectives in promoting DE&I at the grassroots level; and to assist committee chairs/leaders in meeting these goals. 

Objectives of the DE&I Committee include: 

  • Creating DE&I discussion topic for quarterly Board meetings
  • Engaging with Committee leads/volunteers
  • Understanding landscape of opportunity in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Uncovering opportunities for engagement

Meetings will commence via-zoom in September. Our current DE&I Committee members are listed on our website. 

For more information, or to express interest, please contact Mid-Atlantic Chapter Executive Director Jaclyn Toll Basse: (202) 465-4116 or