Rhodes and Alana Embark on a Special Adventure

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JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter members Rhodes and Alana Ritenour of Richmond, VA, have published the first book in a new children’s series called, The Adventures of Rhodes and Alana. This story will capture the imaginations of young readers with three chapters and color illustrations on each page. Parents, educators, and clinicians will appreciate the subtle lessons about friendship, responsibility, and life with diabetes.

Come along as eight-year-old Rhodes and his best friend Alana set out on their first adventure! Missing the school bus leads to an exciting journey and an opportunity for Rhodes to tell Alana about living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). As a result, a new friendship is formed between these two spirited and confident kids.

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Co-authors, Rhodes and Alana Ritenour, are the founders of The Diabetes Support Group, a national online diabetes community that provides practical advice, encouragement, and resources for people with diabetes and those who support them. Rhodes was diagnosed with T1D in 1983 at age 5. This book is valuable teaching tool for newly-diagnosed T1Ds, pediatric endocrinologists, diabetes educators, teachers and classmates of diabetic students, families and grandparents.