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T1D Clinical Trials in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Participate in a T1D Clinical Trial

Choosing to participate in a T1D clinical trial is a very personal decision, but one that can have a significant impact on curing, preventing and treating T1D. Explore additional clinical trial resources from JDRF and our partners at Beyond Type 1 to learn more about clinical trials and their phases.

There are many opportunities in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC to participate in a T1D clinical trial close to home. See below for active opportunities. You can also utilize JDRF’s Clinical Trials Connection tool to find additional opportunities.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter Clinical Trials Education Volunteers: Tom Brobson or Mike Anderson.


The PROTECT Study will assess how well an investigational medicine, called teplizumab, works in children and adolescents (age 8-17) recently diagnosed (six weeks or less) with T1D. Learn more and find a study clinic here. Local sites include Camp Springs, MD, Philadelphia, PA and Chapel Hill, NC. 


COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Study in People with Type 1 Diabetes
Clinicians from Johns Hopkins are conducting a research study to see if the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine increases glucose levels or insulin requirements in patients with type 1 diabetes.


LOCATION:  Suburban Hospital and Howard County General Hospital Medical Campus


Artificial Pancreas – Adolescent Physiology & Psychology Longitudinal Evaluation (AP APPLE)
This clinical trial will study if teenagers going through puberty with T1D can control their diabetes better by using an artificial pancreas (AP) system as compared to performing their usual diabetes care.


LOCATION: Mostly done by phone visits from home but also some in-person visits at UVA in Charlottesville

CONTACT: Laura Kollar, 434-982-6479 or llk7m@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu


Hybrid Closed-Loop Control with Prandial Insulin Dosing Informed by Insulin Sensitivity in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
The purpose of the study is to test a smart bolus calculator that adjusts prandial insulin based on changes in insulin sensitivity throughout the day. During the camp study, all children will wear study equipment (Dexcom G6 and t:slim pump), will be in closed loop, and will be monitored around the clock. We plan to enroll between 15 and 30 kids, ages 12-17, and run the study at an outdoor camp. Each child will sleep in their own tent and sleeping bag (we will provide the tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad, unless you have camping equipment you wish to use).


LOCATION: Charlottesville, VA

CONTACT: Emma Emory, 434-982-6479 or EE9M@virginia.edu


Pediatric Artificial Pancreas (PEDAP) Trial of Control-IQ Technology in Young Children in Type 1 Diabetes
PEDAP is seeking to enroll participants 2-5 years old in a 3-month random closed loop trial evaluating the Control-IQ system in that age group.


LOCATION: Study visits can be completed from home via videoconference (e.g. Zoom) or in-person.

CONTACT: Katie Krauthause, 434-243-5109 or klk7y@virgnia.edu


A Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy Study of VX-880 in Participants With Type 1 Diabetes
Read more about this clinical trial and its study site at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA here.


Are you interested in participating in a clinical trial but these aren’t right for you? Check out JDRF’s Clinical Trial Matching Tool, which can potentially match you with a clinical trial. You can also contact one of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter Clinical Trials Education Volunteers: Tom Brobson or Mike Anderson.

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