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One Walk Flowood Team Spotlight – Sarah’s Ducklings

A JDRFMS series dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the most important aspect of the JDRF One Walk – YOU! This week, we’re featuring team…..


This week Kristen Fowler of SARAH’S DUCKLINGS shared her One Walk experience:

How long have you had your team? – 9 years

How did you decide your team’s name? We set up the team after my daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed at age 4. She loved (and still loves) ducks and had a stuffed duck that went everywhere with her.

Who do you walk for? My daughter, Sarah.

Do you have any Walk Day traditions? We try to get there early so we can welcome all our team members when they get there.

What is your favorite Walk Day memory? Several years ago, Sarah was on her elementary school cheerleading squad and many of the cheerleaders came and walked with us.

Sarah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was only 4 years old. Now, many years later, she enjoys singing and acting and even had a small part in a civil war documentary that aired on PBS. Her Mom Kristen says, “Sarah is a social butterfly who loves sleepovers and outings with friends. In order to go on these outings without us, she has had to learn to manage this disease on her own. She has to calculate the carbohydrates in her food to determine how much insulin to take. She has to make decisions on how much insulin to take when her bg is high or how to treat a bg when she is low. She even learned to change her pump infusion site this year! Did you know that diabetes is the only disease where almost all care and dosage is left up to the person or their family? This is a lot for anyone, especially a child, to deal with.”

We look forward to seeing Kristin, Sarah and the rest of their DUCKLINGS again this year at the One Walk Flowood on October 20th!  Click here to donate to or join team SARAH’S DUCKLINGS.