2019 Treasure Valley Mile of Hope

We are planning on displaying posters of our T1D heroes on Walk Day (for anyone who submits them).  We are going to be placing these posters along the Walk Route where everyone will see them!  Only catch is, we are asking that you USE OUR STOCK for the posters.  This means you’ll need to plan ahead a little bit and pick up a blank poster to use, as well as deliver it to the appropriate drop location (*they’re the same place*) prior to the Walk.  There’s no specific requirements for the poster – just a big photo of your T1 loved one, along with some fun facts about them (i.e. what they like to do for fun, favorite things, etc), and some short details about their life with diabetes.  Help your child to express their creativity and make sure their name is BIG AND BOLD.  I hope you will seriously consider creating a poster for your loved one, telling their story, and helping them to feel special at the Walk!

We are asking that your posters be submitted no later than Friday, May 17th for inclusion in our Mile of Hope (our volunteers prep and place the posters prior to Walk Registration beginning).  If you have any questions about content, or otherwise, please feel free to reach out to me or to one of our drop off volunteers!

You can pick up AND drop your poster off at one of the following locations and JDRF volunteers will bring them the morning of the Walk.  You are welcome to text or call the number listed if you would like to arrange a specific time with one of our volunteers.

Shelton Residence (509-595-5561)
13277 W Elmspring Dr, BOISE

Nielsen Residence (208-501-6457)
6725 W Foggy Bottom St., BOISE

Wilkins Residence (208-631-1355)
3602 S Lamone Way, MERIDIAN

LeFevre Residence (208-936-1775)
16731 Clover Valley Way, NAMPA

Capell Residence (208-455-1513)
19607 Tuckerman Way, CALDWELL

Again, we hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity to recognize your child with T1D!  If you have any questions, please contact Stacey at sbowen@jdrf.org.

*We are still looking for ONE sponsor for this fun element of Walk Day!  Please inquire with Stacey if you know of any interested companies!