2019 Fall Walk Team Village

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If you’ve attended our Walk before, you’ve seen those tents along the perimeter boasting the name of the team beneath it.  Such a great perk, right?  “How did they get that tent?” so many of you have wondered.

Welcome to the Team Village!  This is an exclusive area for our largest, and highest fundraising teams.  These teams have a specified area to gather, a place to sit and hang out following the walk itself, and an 8 foot banner with the team name boldly printed and displayed!

Each team in the Team Village has raised over $2,000 to earn their spot. In return for your fundraising, we also provide you with delivery of your earned Walk Day t-shirts (one shirt per $100 raised) and provide a “Fast Pass” for your food (you provide a headcount prior to Walk Day).  SKIP THE LINES at the Walk and just enjoy the day!

Think you’re up for the challenge?  Set your fundraising goal high and aim for the $2,000 minimum to get a tent.  If you’re interested, make sure to submit your Reservation Form to Stacey (sbowen@jdrf.org) so we can start making preliminary plans to include you!  You can also view more details and benefits HERE.

Act now – preliminary reservations (*NOT your full fundraising minimum met*) must be coordinated by August 16th (for Utah County teams) or August 30th (for Salt Lake teams)!