You Have Questions? We Have Answers! TypeOneNation Summit 2020

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Type 1 diabetes (T1D) carries with it a huge emotional toll, a steep learning curve and 24/7 decision making.   Even with excellent support from health care professionals, those living with T1D need a community of support to manage this disease.

JDRF Rocky Mountain TypeOneNation Summit 2020 provides a community of support for people of all ages and stages living with T1D and their loved ones.  During this full-day event participants will experience education and fun activities from local and national T1D experts.  Participate in engaging group discussions, share personal stories, and motivate and support others who are learning to navigate the new normal of type 1.  Kids (4-11) and Teens (12-17) will have their own full-day programs led by local experts..

Derek Rapp

The day will begin with an inspirational message from former CEO and President of JDRF International, Derek Rapp.  Rapp first connected with JDRF when his son, Turner, was diagnosed with T1D in 2004.   The Rapp Family fully engaged with JDRF through a number of influential volunteer roles eventually leading Derek to become the CEO and President of JDRF from 2014 – 2019.  In nearly two decades of involvement, Derek has helped JDRF to create strategic partnerships, increased efficiency and raised millions of dollars that have transformed T1D research. When Derek stepped down as CEO and passed the baton to Dr. Aaron Kowalski, he vowed never to be far away and he’s keeping his promise by sharing his story with JDRF Rocky Mountain on February 29th.

TypeOneNation Summit 2020 will offer 20 breakout sessions including…..

Tiny T1D: Managing T1D in the very youngDr. Brigitte Frohnert

It’s Complicated: Addressing complications of T1D and the stigmas that surround them Dr. Sean Oser

T1D Burnout: What to do when you’re “done” with diabetesJenna Eisenberg, LMFT

Becoming Your Own Advocate (If you don’t, who will?)Sponsored by DiabetesSisters, led by Sarah Mart, MPH and Theresa Hastings, PWD

Nothing Elementary About It: T1D in the School SettingKelly Driver, RN and Siri Morgan, RN

Off to College: Things to know before you go!  – Katie Thivener, College Diabetes Network

JDRF’s Health Policy Priorities: Champions of Change, Access and Affordability – Moderated by JDRF Executive Director Laura Rosseisen, panelists include: Gail DeVore and Christine Fallabel 

JDRF PEAK Program: Exercise and T1D Dr. Kimber Simmons

Conversations About Severe Low Blood Sugar and New Treatment Options Curtis Tripplet, PharmD, CDE

KidNation and TeenNation – engaging activities for kids (4-11) and teens (12-17) including siblings, friends,  and children of adults with T1D


For more information and to register online CLICK HERE

TypeOneNation is FREE to attend but advanced registration is required.

Questions?   Email Kelli Raleigh