How I’ve Been Keeping Busy


By Maddie McKee, age 11

It’s been really hard to be quarantined. But I have been trying to keep busy and make the most of it.

I think it’s important to really stay active during this time. Every morning my family and I go on a bike ride or walk. We have also been going down to one of our favorite lakes to paddle board.

During this quarantine my artistic skills have really improved. I have been doing lots and lots of art, like painting, drawing and coloring. There is a channel on YouTube, Art for Kids Hub, and he and his kids have some really fun art classes that I recommend.

Another thing I have been doing is staying in contact with my friends. There is a certain time during my day where I am allowed to do electronics and call my friends.

Lastly, I have been spending lots of time in our backyard and coming up with cool games to play with my brother.

I hope you are staying busy and finding ways to have fun!