What’s Coming for JDRF One Walk Utah?


Drumroll please! We are thrilled to announce that JDRF One Walk Utah will be returning as an in-person gathering in Spring 2022! The JDRF One Walk Utah will be the Mountain West Chapter’s first event returning (since 2021!) to the in-person celebration you’ve known and loved. We are so excited to see our T1D community together again.

Stay tuned for more updates about the brand-new venue for 2022, a walk date you can mark on your calendar, contests, incentives and more!

Do you want to be a part of planning the largest T1D celebration in Utah? Reach out to Dana Slack at DSlack@jdrf.org or 303-304-3087 to learn about joining the Walk Committee!

We expect the Walk website to launch in August of 2021. If you have questions about launching a fundraising page before the Walk website opens, please reach out to Dana