JDRF Rides to Cure Type 1 Diabetes!


With each turn of the wheel, thousands of cyclists this year are raising money to support type 1 diabetes research.

The JDRF Ride isn’t just about cycling – it’s a global community with an ongoing commitment to find a cure for T1D. No matter where they live, how they choose to ride or how far they go, riders are surrounded by the T1D community – fellow riders, friends, and family cheering them on at every milestone. JDRF Ride is for all cyclists – beginner or experienced – who share a commitment to JDRF’s mission. Those who register are offered a variety of ways through the season to engage with the JDRF community, both in-person and from a distance. An evolving calendar of events guides riders as they chart their own course and participate in their own way: indoors on a trainer, outdoors on a bike, with friends or at an event nearby. With no fundraising minimum, it’s easy to join and earn rewards for fundraising success!

Participants are also supported by the Mountain West Chapter’s Ride leaders, including Lauren Lanning  and Tom Kissinger of Colorado and Tiburon Erickson and Jerimy Jones of Utah. Today we want to introduce you to Jerimy and Lauren:

Jerimy Jones rides for River, his now 13-year-old son who was diagnosed with T1D in 2014. Having participated in three JDRF rides since his first one in 2018, Jerimy committed to River that he will push through “a day of pain” for all that River endures living with T1D. As a JDRF Ride leader, Jerimy looks forward to not only helping others enjoy THEIR riding but helping them raise awareness and exemplify the change that can be achieved on a bike. When it was announced at the JDRF Ride in Santa Fe in 2018 that $2 million had been raised, Jerimy saw the smile on his son’s face and knew he was hooked.

When Lauren Lanning started riding in 2002 her daughter Monica was 8 years old, six years out from her T1D diagnosis at age 2. Lauren had participated in JDRF’s One Walk back home, but after moving to Colorado decided to buy a bike and start riding again after 20 years! In Lauren’s first year she rode 100 miles, made amazing friends and became inspired. She’s been riding ever since and stepped up to serve as a ride coach four years ago.

Register today and join Team Mountain West as we raise funds and ride together towards the ultimate finish line: a world without T1D.