2021-2022 JDRF Youth Ambassadors are moving JDRF’s mission forward!



On our 2021-2022 Youth Ambassador Applications we asked, “What does JDRF’s mission mean to you?” Here are some of the initial responses from our Ambassadors, ages 6-17 across Colorado, Utah and Wyoming:

Jaden …  “JDRF is trying to raise money to find new technology and ways to make life with T1D easier with its complications. My dad, brother, and I all have T1D, and my brother went from having to give himself hundreds of injections, to having an insulin pump that he has to poke himself every 3 days.”
Lily … “It means I might someday be able to say ‘I USED to have type 1 diabetes.'”
Sabrina …  “Leading and advocating for T1D awareness.”
Sadie … “It gives me hope to find a cure for T1D.”
Sophia …  “To me, JDRF’s mission means that someday I could have the opportunity to become an astronaut…a cure for T1D can make this a reality for me.”
Noah … “I hope that someday we can find a cure to get rid of diabetes and JDRF helps with that.”
Evelyn …  “JDRF’s mission means advocacy for patients with type 1, support for caregivers, assistance with cost for medical devices and prescriptions, and hopefully one day finding a cure.”
Kaden … “It means a closer reach to a cure for diabetes and a family of relatable people who help each other get through diabetes. Hopefully there will someday be a cure.”
Laila …  “It means bringing people together and finding a common goal.”
Emmy … “Hope for a cure one day.”
Savannah …  “To me JDRF’s mission means helping other people understand T1D instead of making assumptions. It means people with T1D to get new information and tips of how to control their diabetes without it controlling your life.”
Kaylee … “It means me and many others wouldn’t even have to think about our blood sugars ever again!”
Alex …  “It means support until there is a cure.”
Molly … “Helping people manage their diabetes … I remember when I was diagnosed how stressed and confused I was, and how I didn’t want to talk about it.”
Kelsey …  “JDRF’s mission means that there is an organization working tirelessly on behalf of people like me with T1D, and finding ways to make it easier to manage and control T1D and to prevent resulting complications.”
Tyler … “Finding a cure would mean that I wouldn’t have to live with this mean disease that takes over my life.”
Romney …  “Finding a better future for the young children with type one so they don’t have to constantly live with the hassles of it.”
Maddie … “JDRF’s mission gives me hope that one day I won’t have to live with T1D and its struggles.”
Reid …  “A world without diabetes will improve the lives of so many people.”
Lauren … “To me, the JDRF mission means that T1D will always be fought for, and I can have full trust and confidence in living with diabetes, knowing that I have others to stand with me!”
Will …  “I hope they find a cure!”
Owen … “A lot! I am really hoping for a cure in my lifetime, and thanks to the JDRF I believe that will happen.”
Kati …  “It means that we can live in a world without T1D hopefully one day soon!”
Sawyer … “To me, JDRF’s mission means together we can create a world where people no longer have to live with type one diabetes.  With incredible researchers and raising money we can find better technology to help those with T1D live with diabetes and pave the way for a cure in the future.”
Lyla …  “A cure to a horrible disease I’ve been fighting for 10 years now.”
Zoe … “To me JDRF’s mission means hope that it doesn’t have to be this hard and that one day there will be a cure.”
Taylor …  “I really hope JDRF can somehow contribute to finding a cure, that’s why I stay involved.”
Ellie … “JDRF’s mission means so much to me. It means new tech to better my diabetes care, it means being able to fund research to get closer to a cure, and it means being closer and closer everyday to where my diabetes doesn’t feel like a burden anymore and is something that I barely have to think about every day.”
Ian …  “What it means to me is supporting those with T1D and letting others know that T1D is manageable and not a reason to not go nd do things.”

Tanner …

“I want to help fund research to cure diabetes and I want to meet new people with diabetes. I also want other people to hear my voice …and help find a cure.”
Oliver …  “I think it’s a great way to help fund new research to make living with T1D easier.”
Mykah … “JDRF’s mission is so important to me. I’ve been so lucky to been involved with it since I was little, and I think it’s amazing. JDRF gives me so much hope for a better future and also has provided me with so many amazing opportunities that have helped me live with my type one.”
Emmerson …  “It means so much to me and I love being a part of stuff like this.”
Gavin … “It means to me that the doctors hopefully get a cure for T1D.”
Reese …  “What it means to me is, I hope one day there will be a cure.”
Thomas … “I know one day they will find a cure for type one diabetes and I’m going to be so happy knowing that I did my part to make it happen.  I’m thankful for the technology that JDRF has helped fund like my pump that helps me get the insulin I need and that it can correct my highs and lows.”