TypeOneNation Summit 2020 – Sacramento

February 8, 2020, McClellan Park, CA
9:00 am

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The TypeOneNation Summit features a research update and presentations from T1D experts who will share their knowledge on the latest breakthroughs in research and the psycho-social aspects of living with T1D. This is a great opportunity for children and teens to meet other people who are living with T1D.


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  • Jude Restis – JDRF National Research Team

    Jude Restis is a JDRF Research Information Volunteer (RIV) from Seattle, WA. He also serves on the RIV National Working Group, helping the continual development and improvement of the research program. Jude is current involved in a Phase 4 Human Clinical Trial for a closed-loop hybrid artificial pancreas. In his “free” time, Jude is an Engineering Manager at The Boeing Company and is a certified cycling coach with the JDRF Ride to Cure program.

    Teens Talking T1D
    Facilitator: Shana Alexander, PsyD 

  • Diana Naranjo, PhD
    Stanford Diabetes Research Center

    Diana M. Naranjo, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford School of Medicine. As a licensed clinical psychologist working in diabetes clinics for the past 10 years, Dr. Naranjo focuses on the psychosocial needs of patients and families with diabetes. Through clinical research, she aims to understand barriers and facilitators to diabetes self-management, how families and individuals with diabetes respond to health technology, and how to best provide services that engage youth and their families. Furthermore, as a Latino-American and fluent in Spanish, much of her clinical work focuses on bridging the health-care gap for underserved ethnic minority patients with chronic illness.

    Teens Talking T1D

  • School, You, and What to Do

    JDRF’s T1D Advocacy Priorities 

  • Joining JDRF in 2008 after her daughter was diagnosed with T1D, Karen has served in leadership roles both with the Bay Area Chapter and the International Board of Directors. She currently sits on JDRF’s Research Committee and will provide an overview on the recently launched Center of Excellence (COE) located in the Bay Area. The COE brings together researchers from Stanford University and the University of California San Francisco to accelerate research in the areas of the immune system, beta cells, and stem cells.

  • Kimber Simmons, MD, MPH/PSPH
    Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, Children’s Hospital Colorado

    Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, and physician scientist studying the clinical immunology of autoimmune disease, with a focus on type 1 diabetes. Her current research interests are to screen children in the general population for islet autoantibodies (early T1D), hone techniques to study the immune cells that participate in the pathogenesis of T1D and participate as an investigator in prevention trials with the goal of finding an intervention that can modulate the autoimmune attack in the pancreas.

    Teens Talking T1D



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