August Cure Champion

Six years ago my son Brett was nine years old.

Six years ago our lives were turned upside down.

Finding out your child has an incurable disease is never easy. From shots to blood tests, there are many challenges that come with Diabetes. I am frequently worried about high and low blood sugars. It has been a few years now and Brett just turned 15 in July, so I am not as anxiety ridden about overnight lows as I used to be, but as a parent I am always concerned about his health. There’s no simple solution, but we continue to face this together. Our relationship has strengthened since the diagnosis because Brett’s personal growth inspires strength in me.

Brett has grown enormously since the diagnosis. He has been so brave and always meets new challenges with strength and perseverance. In the beginning, he had to deal with counting carbs, shots at least four times a day and finger pricks at least ten times a day. Now he is on an insulin pump so the shots have decreased but he still has to be very careful with what he eats and needs to be very cognizant of how he is feeling. A low or high blood sugar can signal an emergency. He’s been very proactive with his care and I believe diabetes has helped him become the self-assured and compassionate young man he is today.

We look forward every year to the annual JDRF One Walk in Boston. We absolutely love the walk and how it brings supporters together from all around Massachusetts! We signed up for it just three months after his diagnosis date and have walked every year since. It was a way for him to connect with other kids facing the same obstacles as him. I work long hours as an associate attorney at DelSignore Law so it’s also a way for us to connect during my free time. It makes us feel like we are helping raise awareness about the disease. Diabetes care has come so far and JDRF is a huge reason why. We are so proud to raise money and support this organization.