Speaker Series: Andrew Rakeman Ph.D.

On Monday, November 5, JDRF New England held their last Speaker Series event of the year at the Boston Harbor Hotel where 65 guests sat in attendance to hear Andrew Rakeman Ph.D. give a deeper insight into the exciting progress being made in the research community for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Andrew Rakeman, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Research at JDRF, gave an in-depth overview of the research programs in which JDRF is currently investing. He touched upon the work that is being done in the Beta Cell Regeneration, Immunotherapies, and Prevention portfolios. As Dr. Rakeman noted, this progress is costly, and significant ongoing research funding is required for these advances to continue.

JDRF is currently funding 500 active research grants, 40 in Massachusetts alone. For every dollar contributed to JDRF, an additional $2.50 is brought into the field.

If you are interested in viewing a video recording of the presentation, please contact Christina Roche at croche@jdrf.org.