Supply Chain Market Research—with Purpose!

JDRF is excited to announce a partnership with Indago, a new service that takes an uncommon approach to supply chain market research. Indago brings together a curated and validated community of supply chain and logistics practitioners from manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies who are committed to sharing practical knowledge and advice with each other (via quick and short microsurveys) in a trusted and confidential manner—while giving back to charitable causes that make an extraordinary difference in lives every day.

Indago makes it easy for supply chain and logistics members to give back. Members are paid for every survey they complete and they can choose to donate, through Indago, their proceeds to JDRF. It’s a win-win value proposition: you receive valuable market research that helps you make smarter business decisions, we receive valuable donations that help us create a world without type 1 diabetes.

To join Indago and support JDRF, please visit to apply or contact them at