JDRF Stay at Home Activities


Stay home. Stay safe. Have fun!

Please enjoy the activities we have posted here for you. Check back often for new ideas! If you feel comfortable sharing the completed versions of any of the activities on social media, be sure to tag us (@jdrfnewenglandchapter). Your social media account must be public for us to see your pictures, otherwise you can email them to newengland@jdrf.org for us to share.


JDRF Bingo
  • Play bingo or finish some of the activities on your own!
Lilly and Disney’s type 1 bookshelf
  • Coco books include Auto Play and Read to Me options
  • Teen books can be read online
  • Recipes from Dishing It Up Disney Style included
Try a new recipe from JDRF’s Recipe Box
Tours, crafts, puzzles and more on jdrf.org
Download our virtual backgrounds for your next Zoom call with friends.